Hidden sex.

Hidden sex.

Hidden sex.

Hidden sex.

For a very large number of people more than once got up the problem, how to have sex quietly, without attracting attention. Someone felt the burning need of warmth and affection, being someone at a party, someone lives in the same room with their parents or children - and there is neither strength nor desire to wait for love for months. What to do if the desire greatly exceeds the available possibilities?

Fortunately, there is the practice of hidden sex - you can use it even if your friend or relative is lying on the next bed. The first thing you should take care of with your partner is to study the bed provided to you in advance. Find the creaking places, shake the bed - find the most quiet and motionless place, this will help you not to attract too much attention and not to wake the neighbors.

Positions of hidden sex.

The next step is to think about your posture.

Missionary position,familiar to many couples, as well as the favorite position of many "man behind" - you definitely will not fit.The best sex would be lying on your side. If a woman leans forward, and a man arches with a pelvis towards her, then the movements will be reduced to a minimum, only the man’s pelvis will move.

Another option that can be applied in this situation isrider pose.The only caveat: a girl in this position can not move around the penis, and you can use only the vaginal muscles. This kind of sex will require from your partner a certain physical training and, as they say, it is designed for an amateur. However, in such a situation it is better to have sex at least somehow than nothing at all.

Hidden sex at home.

If you live with your parents or children in a one-room apartment, then you will have much more difficult. But, in which case, you can use the bathroom: the sound of water or a washing machine will drown out any sounds that you can make in a fit of passion, and you will feel more free than being in the same room with potential witnesses.

The main thing to remember for hidden sex users is that he should only occasionally dilute your sex life, and not be the basis of your family relationships.Prolonged abstinence from violent, passionate impulses during intimacy impairs the intimate health of both partners and, in the end, usually leads to the breakdown of family life.

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