Home Wrap

Recently, one of the most popular and often ordered procedures in beauty salons for body care is wrapping. This cosmetological procedure allows to increase blood circulation in areas with problem skin, excess toxins are eliminated, the skin acquires amazing tenderness and smoothness. Beauticians and massage therapists in beauty salons use prestigious cosmetics that contain active ingredients.

If you have a great desire to do the beauty of your body, you can learn and perform some types of anti-cellulite wraps at home.

Before you start wrapping, you need to prepare the necessary accessories. You will need a plastic wrap, a warm wool blanket, and the wrapping mixture itself. Before wrapping it is necessary in the shower to clean the skin using a scrub from the Oriflame catalog or any other, if it is absent, the coffee grounds will be perfect.

After the shower, a medical mixture is applied to problem areas of the body, the legs and hips are carefully wrapped with cling film in several layers. After that, to enhance the effect, you can dress warm pants and wrap themselves under a blanket. In the heat you need to stay at least half an hour. Some experts advise these half an hour to spend, actively doing sports or household chores. After half an hour the mixture from the skin is thoroughly washed off, and a moisturizing cream or body lotion from Oriflame is applied to the skin.

Here are recipes for medical wraps that are easy to make even at home:

1. Based on algae. In the pharmacy, you can buy dry kelp kelp and fucus. Rubbing them with warm water turns a slurry, which can be applied to the hips, abdomen and buttocks.

2. From blue clay. Special blue clay must be diluted in water. The resulting gruel and there is a ready-mix for wrapping, in which you can optionally add a couple of drops of essential oils.

3. With green tea leaves. To get the mixture, two more tweaks of dry tea are poured with lightly boiling water, it is recommended to add a few drops of lemon or rosemary oil to the resulting porridge.

4. A mixture of custard coffee.Coffee grounds must be mixed with essential oils and applied to the skin, after coffee the skin is very velvety.

5. A mixture of oils can be prepared by mixing a few drops of essential oils with 15-20 drops of base oil (almond or peach will do). Massaging this mixture is rubbed into the skin, and then - in the heat. It is proved that essential oils disperse the blood, resume the regenerative functions of the skin.

6. From mustard and honey. First you need to prepare a mixture of mustard. To do this, you need 50 grams of dry mustard, 2 teaspoons of sugar, half a spoonful of salt and a couple of drops of wine vinegar. All this is mixed with warm water and left to infuse for a day. Then mixed in equal proportions with melted honey. If the skin feels a strong burning sensation, then the mixture should be washed off earlier.

7. Chocolate Melted black bitter chocolate is diluted slightly with milk. A delicious mixture is ready for application to problem areas.

Conducting wraps once or twice a week at home can significantly improve skin condition without visiting a massage or beauty treatment room.

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