Hot smoked perch

When going for a pike or a pike perch, many spinningists face a pleasant “problem” - perch. It is caught well in any weather and season. Enough different bait: from spinners to gum. Interestingly resists when fishing. It would seem, it is necessary to rejoice. However, there is an important detail - it is not clear what to do with it further. The average perch weighs about 200 grams. In addition, he is not fat and bones. But the main "sadness" of this fish is that it is disgustingly cleaned. For this, to put it mildly, the perch do not like the hostess cooking, flatly refusing to cook it. It's a shame, really? There is a solution. Koptilka! Please yourself and friends with an amazing snack. In its smoked form, this fish acquires very interesting flavors typical only for perch. You can smoke not only at home, but also in unsuitable conditions: in the country or directly on the beach. Cooking time is about 1.5 hours. The average smoking room will need: 1. Perch. About 2.5 kg. 2. Chips. 3. Firewood. If not - coal (as in the photo). 4. Spice.
You will need an average smokehouse
Preparation 1. Pour the water over the chips and let it brew. As soon as the water becomes bronze color can be drained. About 40 minutes merge water
 Put chips at the bottom of the smokehouse 2. Rinse the fish, put in a convenient container and pour plenty of salt and pepper. Focusing on the fact that the perch does not need neither to clean nor gut!
 Wash the fish
3. Let the fish settle for half an hour. 4. At this time, take a fire. Firewood must be burned out enough to preserve their integrity. They should smolder.
 Firewood must burn out
5. Drain the perch liquid. And, armed with gloves, and not like me, (I do not need to remind real fishermen that this fish is prickly), gently in the direction of growth of scales, wipe each fish with a napkin, removing excess water. This is a necessary procedure.After all, the perch should be smoked, not boiled.
 wipe each fish with a napkin
wipe each fish with a napkin

6. Spread about 1 cm thick chips on the bottom of the smokehouse.
 Put wood chips at the bottom of the smokehouse
7. Install the grid. Spread the fish on its side, leaving the necessary space for each (for accessibility of smoke from all sides).
 Install the grid
8. Install the second row of grids and repeat the same thing.
 Set the second row of grids
Put the fish 9. Cover with a lid and put it on the embers.
 Close the lid
10. After 10 minutes, release the first steam, gently slightly sliding the lid of the smokehouse. Perch in fact not cleaned and excess juice in them abound. 11.After another 10 minutes, change the grill in some places (for even smoking).
 swap lattices
change the lattice in some places
12. After 10 minutes, remove from the fire. The indicator of readiness is the color of the perch and the produced chips (it should turn into almost coal).
Hot smoked perch
Recommendations 1. In the photo I used bricks (cooked in the country). But you can do without them. In nature, in order to preserve the heat of the coals, I enclose them with two large wet logs. They do not have time to fully "do". 2. For aesthetes, at the last stage of cooking, you can sprinkle the fish with lemon and put a few sprigs of dill. But you need to put them on the perch, and not on the grid (otherwise it will just burn). 3. An important component of the recipe is wood chips (it is sawdust, it is twigs). In the photo - it is alder (from the store). But for gourmets, I would advise large sawdust of any fruit tree. Suitable apricot or apple. And if the chef is not a bummer, then chips from “live” cherries are even better. For this, I cut a sprig with a usual fishing knife. True, will have to try.It will take at least half an hour. Nut chips are not suitable. I want to draw attention to the fact that it gives the dish a persistent smell of iodine, and even medicines. 4. Smokehouse can not wash, using the purely "male" way. Bonfire is the best detergent.
 You can not wash the smokehouse
5. It is not difficult to guess that this dish will be mastered by happy fishermen. So do not feel sorry for ground pepper. You can even under the gills. And then this striped predator will become the most favorite beer snack.

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