What is fashionable to be?

Of course, everyone wants to be fashionable, glamorous, stand out from the general mass of people. But not everyone knows how fashionable to be at the moment. If only recently a fashionista or a fashionista called someone who was dressed in accordance with all the requirements of the cover of a fashionable glossy magazine, now everything has changed and become much more difficult. Now you need to add a sharp mind, a toned athletic body and the complete absence of bad habits to the fashionable external image. Let's try to consider in more detail what it means to be fashionable in the modern world.


In the beginning, of course, you need to pay attention to your appearance. Style and elegance were important before, no less important now and will be important in the future. Therefore, first of all, thinking about how to be a fashionable girl or a glamorous guy, you need to pay special attention to the development of your image and personal style. It is necessary not only to choose fashionable clothes for yourself, but to choose exactly what suits you, what can hide all your flaws and emphasize advantages.Try to experiment, go shopping and try on different styles and styles of clothing. Do not be afraid of experimenting with your appearance!


The next step is to create a glamorous hairstyle. For this it is best to turn to a good, maybe even expensive or very expensive, beauty salon. You don’t need to go to a low-paying hairdresser, as he can cut you well, but unfortunately he is not able to pick up a glamorous image, since only real professionals who are worth the money do it.

Healthy lifestyle

As noted earlier, a stylish appearance is not the real glamor. Do you know what will always be fashionable? What will attract the attention of people, and perhaps even envious glances? This is a healthy lifestyle. Yes, yes, he is the one! In the modern world it is fashionable to be healthy, have a beautiful well-groomed body, adhere to proper nutrition and not have bad habits, such as drinking alcohol or smoking. Therefore, if you decide to create yourself a glamorous modern image, then you should remember that to be healthy is fashionable.

Mind is always in fashion

In addition, empty talk "nothing about" also faded into the background. Now it is customary to conduct interesting, useful for each other conversations. And in order to have something to carry on and maintain a conversation, it is undoubtedly necessary to read and read a lot of useful literature. It does not necessarily have to be works of art, although a well-read person is always visible “from afar”, you can read ordinary educational literature. It also does not hurt to be aware of the latest news from the sphere of politics and economics. Know, to be smart is fashionable.


In order to become fashionable it would be nice to get a couple of useful hobbies. For example, it is now considered very fashionable to learn foreign languages. You can enroll in English or any other language course, or study it yourself. In addition, in recent years the increasing popularity of gaining a hobby of photography. It is easy to see on the street glamorous young people with a camera in their hands. If you do not like this hobby, then you should sign up for dance lessons, for example, modern or Latin. Great mood and positive you will be provided.Follow all the above rules, and you will definitely become fashionable. Being fashionable is great.

Remember, in order to stand out from the crowd, it is not necessary to have a lot of money and dress in branded things. It is enough to pick up inexpensive, but attractive things, matched to your physique. Also, be sure to take care of your inner world, read more, listen to good music, go to the cinema.

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