How is menopausal syndrome manifested

A feature of the female body is the reproductive system, which functions at a certain age. She begins to work at the age of 10 years, and finishes by the 60th anniversary.
Climax - is the termination of childbearing.
How does menopause
The first sign of menopause is irregular or scanty menstruation, which eventually stops altogether.
Quite often, women complain of hot flashes - first hot, then chills begin to beat them. There is engorgement of the mammary glands, often there are pains in the lower back and lower abdomen.
A woman may experience headaches, heart palpitations, drowsiness, inattention, depression, increased or decreased pressure, forgetfulness, or increased sweating.
Why may appear early menopause
Early menopause is a rare pathology in which menstruation stops before the age of 45 years.
The reasons for the termination of menstruation can be:
1. Chemotherapy for cancer;
2. Ovaries removed;
3. Radiotherapy;
4. Female genital surgery;
5. Infectious diseases.
How to treat menopause
Only a doctor can deal with menopause. He prescribes hormonal or non-hormonal therapy.

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