What is the temperature of the flu?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
January 8, 2013
What is the temperature of the flu?

You are sick ... Of course, this unpleasant state of the body comes to us, without asking whether we want it or not. And only this process began, and the doctor confirmed that the flu had complained to us, the question immediately arises: how much does the temperature stay with the flu? After all, it is she who “exhausts” our body during the period of illness.

Flu Temperature

If the normal temperature in a healthy person is 36.6, then with a flu illness, it can rise. At the same time, the temperature can grow very quickly and to a high value, and it can rise slightly and stay at the same level for several days. Flu temperatures can last three to four days. This is the body's reaction to a viral infection. In the fight against it, and the temperature rises. Therefore, the body does not need to “interfere” with the fight, and if the temperature is not higher than 38.5, then it is not recommended to lower it. And if you know how much the temperature keeps with the flu, then do not worry.This state should be relived in bed with warm tea and medications prescribed by the doctor. Enhanced drinking (tea with raspberries, lindens, strawberries) will speed up your recovery.

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