How not to catch a cold in 2018

For the prevention of good local hardening procedures. Use saline, soda-salt or alkaline solution. Rinse themthroatin the morning and in the evening. Start rinsing with a solution of room temperature, daily reduce the temperature by one degree, adding one piece of ice to the solution before the procedure. The strengthening of immunity is promoted by the general hardening of the body: a contrast shower, pouring, rubbing snow, diving into an ice hole. Naturally, all these procedures should be applied only when you are completely healthy.
Do not neglect the popular recipes. Garlic is considered one of the first plants that was used for medicinal purposes (even the ancient Egyptians knew about its properties). Garlic contains allicin, a chemical compound that has a pronounced antiviral effect. It also contains vitamin A, a stimulant of the immune system. Although ginger is known as a spice in Asian and Indian cuisine,Chemical compounds, inherent only in ginger, help the body fight viruses that provoke sore throat and respiratory diseases.
For the prevention of diseases of the throat and suitable extracts of antiseptic herbs: chamomile, calendula, rosehip, etc. Echinacea can prevent the appearance of sore throats and colds by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body. This plant contains a chemical that is an antibiotic analog. Echinacea infusions should not only be used to rinse the throat, but it can be drunk with a course of 100 ml daily for 2-3 weeks. Fenugreek and aloe plants provide therapeutic juice that helps soothe the mucous membrane and prevent sore throat. Acceptance of fenugreek juice or aloe helps to cure a cold cough.
The most unfavorable to the throat drinks - carbonated and ice. They can numb the mucous, while they quench their thirst very mediocre. Bubbles of sparkling water irritate the mucous membrane, and the slightest hypothermia provokes infection.

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