How not to repeat past sins

Learn to notice your shortcomings - it is much more difficult than to condemn other people's bad deeds. Take care of the salvation of your own soul, and, as said prep. Seraphim of Sarov, "Thousands will be saved around you." The path of the Christian is a permanent moral work.
To look into yourself will help the sacrament of penance. Sincere repentance is the way to salvation. It turns out to be corrected quickly and easily - no one has yet succeeded. Through the sacrament of repentance, you will receive forgiveness and relief of spiritual suffering. Faith will give strength to conquer its own weaknesses, and confession and communion will cleanse the soul of transgressions. Repentance without active work on oneself only exacerbates sin.
Prayer is another way to deal with sinful desires and thoughts. The strict beauty of liturgy in Church Slavonic is not immediately perceived by ear. Search the internet for texts of services with a translation into modern Russian and read carefully.It is much easier to pray if you understand the meaning of prayers.
Try, if possible, to observe the posts. This is not just abstaining from food, but constant work on yourself. However, remember that if you fast without a spiritual goal, it will not give you anything but weight loss.
Help people who need it. Active charity is the way to the salvation of the soul. Read the Gospels at least by chapter per day. They have everything that a Christian should strive for.
Feel free to ask for forgiveness from those you have offended. Try to be discreet and reasonable in any situation. In your power to restrain anger and irritation, not to give vent to the desire to "speak the whole truth in the face" to your abuser. Take a break, calm down, and bad thoughts will leave you, not finding a response in the soul. Read the "Soften Evil Hearts" prayer to cope with strong emotions.
Tune in for a constant inner work. Because waiting for an immediate result can plunge the soul into despair. Remember that you must work tirelessly on yourself, and the result, although it does not come right away, will definitely come if you are firm in your intention.

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