How profitable to buy a room

The cost of a room depends on many factors. Primarily on the condition of the house and its location. Of course, a multi-storey brick house with spacious rooms and common areas, located in a prestigious area, is quoted much higher than the “Khrushchev” somewhere on the outskirts. Accordingly, the cost of a room in such a house is much more. Since you have a very acute financial issue, try searching for the cheapest options on the outskirts.
The house, located near the metro station or from a major highway, is also listed above a similar building somewhere in the depth of the sleeping area, to which you have to get a long time, and even with transfers. You'd better stop choosing the second option. Of course, it will be less convenient, but you can save quite a decent amount when you buy a room.
A very important point: the number of residents in a communal apartment. It is easy to understand that the smaller they are, the higher the cost of rooms, and vice versa.After all, few of the potential buyers will want people crowding in the common kitchen or in the queue in the bathroom. One thing is two or three neighbors, quite another - a dozen or more. If you can not afford to buy a really good room, you will have to look for the cheapest, most crowded option.
But be sure to consider the peculiarity of our housing legislation. If, in addition to the room that you are going to buy, at least one other apartment in this apartment has been privatized, according to Article 250 of the Civil Code, it is its owners who have the primary right to purchase. Therefore, in order for the transaction to be recognized as legal, it is necessary to notarize the neighbors' refusal of their preemptive right.
If the neighbors refuse to go to the notary, referring to the lack of time, the seller may declare in writing his intention to sell the room (that is, part of the apartment), defining the period for preferential purchase of this part. Then either the neighbors will be obliged to buy the room, or upon expiration of the term you will receive the right to purchase it.

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