How to apply stemping on nails

More and more popular in the world is gaining stamping for nails. At its core, stamping is a way to create patterns on the nails, which does not require painting skills and does not spend much time. Probably, it is the simplicity and convenience of a stemping for nails that made it so popular among girls and women.

Any, even short nails with a neat pattern look original and spectacular, they can attract attention and tell a lot about their owner. Stemping provides great opportunities in the field of nail decoration, as any girl can buy a stamping for nails and create a new original painting every time. This is possible because one set includes several different drawings at once, which is easily seen by looking at various sets here:

The advantages of a stamping is very easy to assess according to merit, because today it is the fastest, most convenient and economical way to create a beautiful painting on the nails.The special feature of stemping is that a pattern is used for the work of the finished picture, so that an identical pattern is obtained on all the nails. But it can also be slightly modified, for example, change the location on the nail, play with the color scheme or combine with other patterns. It all depends on your imagination!

As a rule, stepping kits have the same parts: this is a patterned disk, a stamp that carries the image, and a scraper, which is necessary so that you can remove excess paint. The difference between such sets is that the disk can have a different number of drawings, and special varnishes can also be included or not, the number of which also varies.

It is worth saying a few words about lacquers that are used for stamping. Remember, the usual nail polishes for this procedure will not work because they are too liquid. That is why it is better to use special varnishes marked “for stamping”, their consistency is much thicker and great for creating high-quality manicure.

During drawing by means of stemping, all movements should be performed fairly quickly, confidently and, at the same time, with high quality.This is necessary so that the pattern is clearly printed on the nail, and the varnish dries evenly. Do not forget that thick varnishes seize faster than normal. If it is not enough to press a stamp against the nail, then the drawing simply will not be translated.

If you use ordinary varnish for stemping, the edges of the picture will be blurry and uneven, so it is very important to use a special varnish. Be sure to take into account the fact that after using the disc with the pictures you will need to put in order, namely, to clean from residual varnish. An ordinary nail polish remover will work well for this. And, of course, before starting work, the tools should be wiped, dried and only then used.

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