How to apply wax

You will need
  • - wax;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - round brush;
  • - hair spray;
  • - curlers.
Wash and dry hair before applying wax. Take a small amount of the product and rub it between the palms, warming it up a little. It is necessary that the wax on the hair lay smoother. Apply it evenly on selected strands, spreading it over the entire length of the hair. Then it all depends on what kind of hairstyle you want to do.
If you intend to get a shock of hair, wind the wax-treated curls on the curlers of the required diameter. Then dry the hair with a hair dryer, remove the hair curlers, separate the curls with your fingers. You will get beautiful elastic curls.
If you want to make a hairstyle in the form of steep waves, apply a small amount of wax on the strand, use a comb to lift the curl, fix in this position and dry with a hairdryer. If desired, treat the wave with hairspray.
To make a haircut on short hair, take a wax, rub it between the palms and apply over the entire length of the hair. Try not to overdo it with the tool, otherwise the hair will look greasy.Smooth the strands with a hairbrush or, on the contrary, lift them with your fingers, slightly rashly. Rub a bit of wax between your index finger and thumb and make “feathers” on the bangs and temples, as if pulling strands with your fingers. Dry your hair with a hair dryer and fix the hair with hairspray.
If you are the owner of long hair, apply clean, dry hair to the sprayer along the entire length, without getting to the roots. Screw the strands on a large round brush and blow-dry them at the minimum temperature. You will get shiny and soft curls.
To braid a smooth and beautiful braid, also wax your hair. In addition, thanks to this tool from the hairstyle will not fall out fine hairs. Having finished weaving, fix the result with wax in a spray or hairspray.

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