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How to Argue Against Christianity


  1. Pick your battles.Striking up a debate with someone who welcomes discussion, chooses to proselytize, or is belligerent towards non-Christians is very different from picking a fight with someone whose values you don’t happen to agree with. Christians who are going about their business don’t want to be attacked for their beliefs any more than you do.
  2. Identify what you’d like to argue against specifically.Do you have a problem with an ethical standpoint presented in the Bible (such as opposition to homosexuality)? If so, you might point out other edicts in the Bible that modern Christians don’t adhere to and ask what makes them fit to pick and choose. Do you think your own faith is more valid than Christianity? If so, have points of comparison and contrast ready and be familiar with the texts of both religions. Do you dislike the idea of institutionalized religion in general? If so, focus on the atrocities committed by various religious institutions (not just Christianity) throughout history.
  3. Do your homework.Though it’s possible to come at the other debater entirely from your own perspective, it will be much easier to poke holes their argument if you’re willing to venture onto their turf. Research a few relevant historical points, Biblical quotes (and their context), and differences in Biblical translation/interpretation to both strengthen your own argument and anticipate various responses. Any time you think you have a good point, look it up online to see what has already been said about it and modify/scrap the idea as necessary.
  4. Address faith and institution separately.Whether or not you agree with this, backing away from the idea that all faith is inherently flawed might be necessary to gain traction in your argument. (After all, people have been arguing over the unknowable for as long as they’ve been capable of arguing.) To make your target more realistic (and keep the attack from getting personal), consider focusing the debate on the church itself. Point out wars waged in the name of Christianity (such as the Crusades and the Bosnian War), the fact that the Old Testament was used to justify slavery in America, the fact that the church has a long history of covering up sex abuse against children, and so on. Ask the other debater how (s)he can feel justified in supporting an institution with questionable morals, especially if that support is financial.
  5. Address the difference between religion and morality.Some Christians argue that their faith is useful for instilling morals. If this is the case with your debater, let them know about your own philosophy and civic volunteering to demonstrate that it’s possible to be a good person without being a Christian. Point out some of the many instances of abuse within the church and ask why Christian values didn’t prevent these acts. If your debater responds that members of the church are free to choose whether or not to be moral, point out that non-believers are free to do the same, making Christian values no more or less useful than any others.
  6. Seek out flawed logic.If your debater is a literalist, have a few Biblical self-contradictions ready and ask which one the Bible would have you believe. While you’re at it, point out variations in the translations and editing over time – or better yet, ask if the debater has read the text in its original language. (This is also useful if the debater invests his/her argument very heavily in the wording of a particularly passage.) If your debater believes that accepting Jesus erases sins and is the only way to reach salvation, ask what (s)he thinks happened to Jewish victims of the Holocaust in the afterlife. (Be very careful about how you do this: remember, this is an exercise in pointing out inconsistencies in logic, not trying to associate an innocent debater with a heinous war criminal.)
  7. Anticipate counter-arguments.If, for example, you propose that science is more trustworthy than religion, expect to hear the argument that science is constantly being reinterpreted – in many ways, more so than Christianity. What people accept as fact today would have been laughed at 100 years ago (which can be said about a huge number of points in history), making it reasonable to assume that much of what we take for granted right now will become defunct in the future. Additionally, be prepared to debate whether or not the amount of scientific advances (ex. global warming, mass warfare, nuclear weaponry, and so on) is helpful or harmful to society.
  8. Don’t expect to create a convert.Let go of the need to emerge from the debate victorious: you are about as likely to win over a firm believer as (s)he is to bring you into the fold. Instead, aim to have a diplomatic, well-reasoned exchange that does you justice and gives you both something to think about.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    Why did you write an article on how to argue against religion? It's what people believe, and if you don't believe in Christianity, why argue against it anyway? What the heck is your problem?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    High school and tertiary students are sometimes required to demonstrate their skills at forming an argument by arguing against something that they actually do believe in, including religion.
  • Question
    I am doing an assignment for my class and I need a counter argument for why Jesus Christ is a martyr. Any suggestions?
    Top Answerer
    From the point of view of Christians, Jesus Christ isn't a martyr because he resurrected. A martyr is someone who dies for his faith.
  • Question
    Where do you think Jesus went for the three days before he rose from the dead?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    When Jesus had died on the cross he went to Heaven. Read Luke 23:43 and read that whole chapter. The Book of Luke explains Jesus's death and why he had to die. He went to be with the father after his death.
  • Question
    Is this article insulting Christianity?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    It isn't meant to be an insult, but rather a way of sharing views and seeing things from different points of view.
  • Question
    How do I argue my beliefs on a work assignment about Christianity?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Be respectful, informative, and open to questions. It really depends on what the assignment is.
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  • Stay calm and keep your tone and volume neutral. Becoming aggressive will raise your opponent’s guard, preventing you from actually communicating whatever point it is you’d like to make.
  • First, thoughtfully examine the motivation of your argument.
  • The Bible says, "...if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain, your faith also is vain." The resurrection of Jesus is the linchpin (so to speak) of Christianity. Consider thoroughly examining the details of Jesus's resurrection in order to test its historical veracity for yourself, but doing so with a perspective free from presuppositions.


  • Many believe the way they do because of pressure from family and society. Some turn to religion for strength in the aftermath of unspeakable tragedy. Others are inspired by their religious beliefs to do truly wonderful acts. Don’t demonize someone whose situation you don’t fully understand.

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