How to ask for forgiveness if changed

If you decide to try to preserve the relationship with your loved one, first understand what prompted you to change. This should be done in order not to repeat such mistakes in the future. Only after you put everything in its place in your head, begin to beg for forgiveness.
Try talking to your other half. Choose a place for this where no one will hurt you. Be prepared for the fact that the conversation will be difficult and, most likely, even emotional, so it is best to meet where no one can stop you. Sometimes it happens that a devotee cannot find the strength in himself and see those who have hurt him. In this case, you must do everything to ensure that your conversation did take place. Wait for a loved one near the house or meet after work and beg to listen to you.
If you did not manage to arrange a meeting after all, but they do not answer the phone calls, write a letter in which you express all your feelings, emotions and pain that your deed caused you.Explain that you repent of what happened and do not intend to repeat your mistakes. Tell me how bad it is to you that you have turned away your loved one from yourself with your meanness. Most likely, your other half will read your sincere letter and decide to call you back to make an appointment.
During the conversation, behave with restraint and sincerity. In no case do not lie, whatever questions you may ask. Remember that only your honesty will be able to somehow adjust your lover to a frank conversation.
If you still managed to beg forgiveness, be prepared for the fact that for a long time you will be required all sorts of evidence of your loyalty. Treason destroys trust in the pair, and to return it, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. Arrange for your soulmate various surprises, drive on dates. Some even decide to provide their username and password from social networks in order to show that they do not hide anything from their beloved or loved one.
Of course, it is much easier to beg for forgiveness than to restore the previous warm relationship, however, if a person decides to forgive you, most likelyat every opportunity he will remind you of your infidelity, and you will only have to gather all the strength into a fist and endure for the sake of your happiness and your love.

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