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How to Become a Hockey Coach


  1. Learn the rules of the game.Hockey is a game of physical ability, mental ingenuity, and overall fun. In order to understand hockey the Coach should play or have played the game to understand the total aspects of being a player.
  2. Don't limit your abilities to coaching the way you think hockey should be played.Steal, beg and borrow others methods of training and practice plans. Use different strategies to achieve more from your individual players. Some players are visual learners, some are textbook learners and some have the natural ability to play and understand the game. Practices should consist of skating, puck handling, shooting,and checking. Not only should each area be individualized, but should be incorporated into the practices before games. One big point when teaching or coaching hockey is to develop players that know their position. Positional play is important for the game to be played efficiently and effectively. Planning for strategy involves each player on the ice to be in the right place at the right time.
  3. Use 5 or 6 practice drills to enhance timing and conditioning of players.This will lead players into becoming more effective in skating, puck handling, passing and shooting. Choose wisely to practice skills and essential plays to be used during game situations. These can include breakout plays from the defensive zone, offensive plays for scoring, and neutral zone plays to capitalize on puck possession.
  4. Learn each player's attributes.What does each player bring to the ice. Use these attributes to develop a well rounded team. Team work and individual play MUST work hand in hand to create a strong team atmosphere and a winning team.
  5. Take the time to talk to each player individually and in groups to fully understand what they want to achieve on the ice.Lead them to discovery of new ideas, plays and strategies. They are on the ice so let them play their game of hockey.
  6. Assign an assistant coach for working individually with players that need more work on skills or understanding the plays or position.
  7. Develop a team spirit and maintain that spirit throughout the season- no matter of wins or losses.If more losses than wins, try to develop a stronger strategy for defensive play or goal-tending. Involve all players to recognize why they are losing games and get their input to develop better chances on ice.
  8. Be prepared to devote hours to making practice plans for the ice time that is available to you.Using skill stations, half-ice drills, and full ice formats to enhance the learning capabilities of all players. Make practice fun, but hard work. Real hockey players love coming off the ice feeling sweaty and tired. Exhilarating workouts are the reason for their being hockey players.
  9. Be prepared to explain to parents/ guardians/ agents why you are making the decisions for the play of each player on the team.Understand the necessity of the player's representative to understand why their player isn't getting as much ice time or why they have been moved from position to position. Realize that your decision is based solely on your intuition of what that player can bring to the team. Achievement comes from trying and involvement comes understanding.
  10. Have fun on and off the ice with players.Be personable and understanding to each players needs. Use your hockey knowledge to enhance and teach players the great game of hockey.

Video: Coach Feature - Jim Vitale - Vital Hockey Skills

How to Become a Hockey Coach
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