How to behave at low pressure

First we need to clarify that physicians do not have absolute requirements for a person’s blood pressure. It is not necessary to have a “perfect” pressure of 120/70. Today, doctors call the lower limit of the norm 95/60, but it is worth remembering that most of the rules in our lives have exceptions, and if you feel vigorous with a slightly reduced pressure, then you should not worry.

Another thing is if there is constant fatigue, lack of energy, sleep problems, fainting, etc. under reduced pressure. Perhaps the problem lies in overwork, poor nutrition, but in any case it is worth going to the doctor to find out if such a state of health is not a serious diseases.

However, in the process of restoring health one should take care of oneself, in particular with low pressure one should adhere to the following rules:

1. To get up in the morning gradually, that is, not to quickly jump up and run for business, and move in bed for a couple of minutes, and only then calmly get up and go wash, have breakfast.

2. Take vitamins.

3. Have a nice breakfast.Do not overeat, but a light breakfast should be changed to a full and varied.

4. Abandon diets. Of course, no one will advise a person with low blood pressure to overeat, but diets that consume a small amount of food or a monotonous diet will significantly worsen your health.

5. Refuse bad habits. If you want to feel less dizzy and weak, to improve performance, of course, cigarettes and alcohol do not belong in your home.

6. You can not sleep enough!

7. Discuss with your doctor the intake of natural products based on eleutherococcus, rhodiola, schisandra, etc. They not only increase immunity, but increase pressure slightly.

8. Remember that moderate physical activity is extremely important - walk, breathe fresh air, go to the pool. It can also improve well-being massage. You should not set records, try to build muscle and die on a treadmill.

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