How to bleed the air from the battery

You will need
  • - special key;
  • - a rag;
  • - vessel;
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - Flowable liquid.
In most cases, when you are frombatteriesyou hear a distinct "gurgling", you need to do the bleeding of air from it. It is because of this airlock that the water cannot fully circulate. As a result, the battery will warm itself. For removingof airfollow a series of simple steps.
To begin, open the thermostat valve, if present. Sometimes, this is enough. If the problem is not solved in this way, then open the air valve. All quality and properly installedbatteriesequipped with them or similar. Very popular crane Mayevsky. Most often, this air valve is located on the opposite side of the inlet pipe.
Carefully begin to unscrew the valve to descend.of air. For this purpose, stock up in advance with a special key or a tool that is suitable in size.You will hear a distinct “hiss”, which means that the air has started to go outbatteries. When the air is completely out, water will flow from the valve. That is why in advance put a rag under the valve. If possible, keep some vessel under the valve. Water will drip into it. Valvebatteriesmust be open until the water begins to flow evenly. Note, this moment will come quickly. When the air is out, close the valve tightly.
If the radiator does not have a valve for loweringof air, then you can bleed the air in a different, but more complicated way. For this job, prepare a wrench and a fluid fluid in advance. Apply this fluid to the upper end cap of the radiator. It should fall into the area of ​​the threaded connection. Wait about 10 minutes. After that, carefully unscrew the cap. As soon as the "hissing" begins, you need to stop unscrewing. Wait until water appears. When the hissing stops, tighten the cap tightly.

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