How to blind a plasticine bat step by step with a photo

This tutorial shows how to make a bat. She will be black, harsh. It is advisable to lower it upside down, this is how these nocturnal “swallows” live under roofs and in caves.

Have you ever been able to look at the details of the bat in detail? These animals fly over our head, as soon as it begins to darken in the street, we are even afraid of them, because we are afraid of everything connected with darkness and uncertainty. Of course, it’s almost impossible to look at this brisk night robber at night.

We even think, sometimes, if the swallows stayed late in the sky. And if we are talking about celebrating the day of evil spirits, then the image of a bat takes on a completely different sound. You can sew such a costume, make crafts with children, or decorate the interior with details imitating black wings with membranes, piercing eyes, and so on.

Plasticine bat

A bat made of plasticine with your own hands

To make a bat, prepare:

  • black clay;
  • stack;
  • A drop of white plasticine.

How to blind a bat with your own hands?

For modeling the chosen craft, black plasticine is best suited, because it is a bat - small, black and flying.

This bar, for sure, remains in your set after the children's handicrafts, so in October it was time to use it. To give the craft a little color, depict a skull on the chest - this will add a twist, the artwork will become creepy.

Bat made from plasticine with your own hands

Divide the central bar proportionally and mix the details for modeling the head, trunk, wings and legs separately.

Now proceed to the deformation of the prepared parts. Head, which used to be a simple ball, sharpen the bottom, and also show on the crown two ears in the form of a horn. Torso (slightly larger in size ball) also pull and lower, sharpen, pulling plasticine with your fingers. Secure the head and torso first.

Now make the wings. And this is more difficult modeling work. Make thin flat cakes, round and smooth at the top, make sharp protrusions at the bottom.

You can do the job just with your fingers or help yourself with a stack, cutting the clay in some places. Also draw the membrane.

Two absolutely identical wings are glued to the sides. Press in clay while it's still soft.

Make your eyes and mouth on your head. Roll the little white balls, butt them in the center and add pupils. Still cut the mouth, you can lower the corners down. But while the mouse looks somehow strange, quite fearless.

Glue frowning eyebrows - the image will instantly change, you get the result that is needed. Make 2 legs from the remaining piece of plasticine.

Pull out the mass in the spatula, cut at the ends with a stack of 3 fingers and bend them in the form of a chicken foot.

Glue the two paws at the bottom of the torso. Be sure to turn your figure upside down.

Now make an image of the skull on the chest, using droplets of white and black clay.

The bat of plasticine is ready. We got an interesting hand-crafted article. It can be attached to a stick and lowered down, then the skull will be clearly visible, but you can, on the contrary, put on your feet.

The author of the master class is Elena Nikolaeva.

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