How to build a beautiful gazebo

Start building a beautiful gazebo with a choice of location. Put it in a recreation area. The structure will be a dome, so the floor should be in the form of a circle, mark the site in the form of hex. Start construction with the construction of the foundation, it should be easy. Put around the perimeter, every 2 meters, concrete blocks with a height of 20-30 cm. Each of them should be at the corner of a 6-square. Total, six blocks around the perimeter, then go from each corner to the center. Every two meters, put one more, put 1 block in the middle.
Put on all parts of the concrete base on a piece of felt. Make a floor frame. If you do not later beat the walls, build a floor of larch. This tree is durable and perfect for open space. If the walls are closed, you can build a frame and a floor of pine, spruce.
Put a block of 15x15 or 20x20 cm on the blocks laid with roofing felt along the perimeter and from each corner to the center.Fasten the frame parts with nails, screws. Mentally divide each section of the 6-gon into identical triangles. Begin to nail the floorboards to the logs from the edge of the first triangle, moving towards the center. Each next board will be less than the previous one. When you come to the middle, it will be minimal.
Put timber with a section of 10x10 cm at the corners of the hexagon. Attach them to the floor with metal corners, long screws or nails. To the top of each nail on the timber section of 5x5 or 10x10 cm. Fasten all these 6 rafters at the top at one point, after making their ends sharp.
You can build a frame of walls and roofs from metal pipes by welding them at the joints. Then make the roof of the arbor in the form of a dome of pipes connected in triangles. Next, put polycarbonate sheets on the roof frame, fix them with screws. Sheets do not have to be white. Purchase sections of blue. When you sit in a comfortable chair in the gazebo, lift your head, you will feel as if you are under two levels of the sky. Make the bottom too stellar. To do this, buy a polycarbonate blue, stick with the star-shaped LED strip on its inner side. In the evening, at night they will shine beautifully.Embed diode lamps in the floor, this will give additional mystery to the building and solve the issue of lighting in the dark.
Decorate the walls with a crate, for this, nail the diagonally criss-cross to them. Hang on these elements of decor large pots of flowers. Put chairs, put beautiful photo cushions on them, put a round table in the center.

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