How to build a filter?

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How to build a filter?

The filter for the aquarium, in particular, and the filter for the air is a very important part of the aquarium. After all, the filter keeps the aquarium clean and also provides air for the fish in the water. If a filter is not installed in the aquarium, it is safe to say that the fish in such an aquarium will not survive for long.

So let's see how to assemble the filter with your own hands and thus please your fish.

Types of filters

There are three main types of filter, depending on their placement in the aquarium:

  1. The bottom filter is a plate with holes that is located at the bottom of the aquarium to circulate water. This is the simplest filter, but also very effective. Water from under such a filter (it is installed in 1-2 centimeters from the bottom) is pumped out by the pump. It is important to note that this filter should be installed when the aquarium is not populated so as not to damage the ecosystem existing in it. You should also not install such a filter if there are live fish in the aquarium that are buried in the bottom of the aquarium, or small ones, since you risk hooking the fish when cleaning the filter.
  2. Internal (or submersible) - is installed in the water.Such a filter tends to clog over time. It is often filled with sponges, gravel, activated carbon or other materials.
  3. The external filter is structurally similar to the internal one, only it is not installed in water.

Choosing a filter, first of all, you need to focus on the amount of water in the aquarium, the number and size of future residents.

Making a filter for the aquarium do it yourself

  1. For the filter housing, you can use a plastic box (finished, or you can use a cut bottle), a glass jarfilteror a clay bowl. It is desirable, of course, that the vessel be transparent.
  2. You will also need a plastic tube about 2 meters long and 15-20 cm in section. One end of the tube is fed into the filter housing, and an air diffuser will be attached to the other.
  3. Filter housing is filled with filter materials to choose from.
  4. Purchase a special ceramic air dispenser at the store.
  5. If you use a clay bowl, then it will also need a funnel.
  6. Bring a tube under the funnel so that it does not deepen, place a lining under the funnel edges. Filter is ready.

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