How to build a gas pipeline

You will need
  • - roulette with a large footage;
  • - welding machine;
  • - set of assembly tools;
  • - shovel, broom, garbage bags;
  • - working mittens;
  • - rest.
Determine the minimum distance from the living room (building) to a passing branch of the existinggas pipelinea. That is, you first need to bring the pipeline to the house, only then performing the input of gas into the building and its supply to the boiler and other appliances.
If you plan to leadgas pipeline�Under the ground, consider where to dig a trench. But do not forget about security measures - there may be other communications underground.
To prepare a trench: dig a hole, level the bottom, and then clean it from debris and foreign objects. Consider special holders for pipes, since you should not put them directly on the ground - drops in the groundwater level, sediments, etc. may cause ground movement and therefore damage to the pipeline.That is why it is considered optimal to conduct gas through the air, because the substance itself is explosive.
If you lay pipes underground, dig holes in the joints of the pipes.
Arrange an artificial or natural basis for layinggas pipeline. Run the bottom of the chambers and wells.
Dip the pipes in the prepared trench, put on the base. To laygas pipeline�This is followed by sections of separately welded pipes or lashes. Movegas pipeline�necessary with the help of soft inventory "towels". Weld the pipes, install the fittings, assemble the fittings.
Build walls, floors of chambers and wells. Blow through with airgas pipeline. This must be done in the case of an air pipeline.
First trygas pipeline�for durability, check the quality of flange joints and welds. Isolate joints. If you have laid the pipeline under the ground, then only then fill up the trench.

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