How to build a hut

In order to makehutor a house, you must decide on its size. For example, a small hut is enough for us for a little Snow Maiden. To do this, take a standard sheet of paper, arrange it horizontally and make a slot in the shape of the letter “H”. The side cuts should be sixteen centimeters, and the center cut is twenty centimeters. We bend in one side of the edge and, thus, we get two walls of our hut. Then cut the side walls out of paper. Their width will be sixteen centimeters, and since the side walls are pencil-shaped and sharpened, the height in the center will be fourteen centimeters. The height at the edges will be equal to the height of the already finished walls, that is, eight centimeters. And, of course, do not forget to make allowances on the sides so that you can glue our walls and roof.
Next, we make a roof for the hut: cut a rectangle of dyne twenty two centimeters and a width of twenty centimeters and bend it in the middle. Paste the roof on the allowances on one side of the hut, and so we get an opening roof. On the roof you can put a pipe.It can be made square or round, just leaving the allowances from one edge to glue it to the roof.
And here we have a little hut ready. We will make a floor for a hut, having pasted our walls on the same standard sheet of paper.

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