How to buy a hammock to the cottage: some useful tips

In order to rest at the cottage was even more comfortable and enjoyable, it is necessary to install a hammock on the local area. How nice it is to take a nap, read a book in the open air in a hanging bed.

Today, there are many designs and possibilities for placing such a place for relaxation. One of the most popular among buyers is the Mexican hammock, the methods of installation and the method of choice we will consider.

Buy a hammock to the country and forget about fatigue

It is known that this hanging furniture contributes to sound sleep and complete relaxation of the back muscles. Swing trains the vestibular apparatus, while relaxing the muscles not only of the back, but also of the neck. To improve a night's sleep or get rid of nightmares, some psychoanalysts recommend sleeping in a hanging bed.And he reminds young children of the mother’s arms, thereby lulling them.

Since the products are made of different materials and have distinctive methods of fasteners, you can install them in the garden or take them for a walk in the park, on a trip.

The advantages of hanging furniture from Mexico

Hammocks from Mexico are considered a classic dacha variant. If you managed to buy a hammock at the dacha, you can hang it between the trunks of two trees or pillars. There are special devices that extend the range between the attachment points and protect the trees from traumatization. Prices for this attribute of holiday cottage are quite low, but vary depending on the material from which it is made.

How to choose a quality and reliable hammock?

If you haven’t been engaged in buying hanging furniture before, the following tips for choosing a high-quality hammock will be useful:

  • The material should be as natural as possible and allow the body to breathe. Since it is used more often in the hot season, synthetics can cause skin irritation or allergy
  • nylon hammocks have a greater margin of safety, but do not allow air to circulate and are not elastic;
  • wicker furniture leaves a pattern on the body and easily deforms with frequent use;
  • options with a flat weave of threads injure the skin less than products with a round weave;
  • the presence of transverse slats reduces the degree of stretching of the hammock, but it will be easy to tip over in it;
  • the strongest product will be with a braided fastener on carabiners with springs.

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