How to buy land?

Many of us would like to own a land plot, some for a house and a garden, some for construction, someone wants to own a plot where, for example, his own office is located. But, unfortunately, not everyone in our country knows how to buy land. Many are generally afraid to mess with the purchase of land, because they believe that this is a matter of inordinate complexity. Is it really, let's try to figure it out.

Buying land from the state

Many owners of buildings bought into property or privatized want the land under their buildings to belong to them and to be their property. Therefore, they want to know how to buy land from the state.

The law came into force, stating that by January 1, 2010, all citizens and legal entities that own buildings must issue ownership of the territory under them. This does not mean that after this number you don’t have to do this, you’ll have to register the land, but only with this you will pay a fine.

To do this, you must contact the authorities or local government with the appropriate application and attach the cadastral passport of the site.In the period of up to one month, your application must consider and prepare a draft contract of sale. If this does not happen or if you are offered only a lease agreement, then the future owner may apply to the court, referring to the inaction of the self-governing bodies.

If for some reason there is no cadastral map of the parcel, then self-government bodies must produce it within the framework of the cadastral duty card for a month. Then they will have to define the clear boundaries of the desired plot.

However, if the state represented by the municipality has this type of land, then you may be denied privatization on completely legal grounds.

After the authorities make a decision on granting a particular piece of land on the corresponding right, you will have to go through the procedure of registering the right.

There are cases when on one site there is a building that belongs to several persons at once. How to buy a piece of land in this case? In this scenario, you can acquire land in the share property, taking into account the shares of each of the owners.

But if in the same building or structure some people ownpart of the premises on the rights of the owner, and others only on the rights of economic management or operational management, then you will not be able to redeem this building. However, you can purchase land for joint lease, also taking into account the rights of each of the tenants and owners.

Buying land for construction

If you decide to fulfill your old dream and build a house for yourself, then the first thing you need to think about is the acquisition of land. But everything is not so simple, as buying land for construction is fraught with the fact that you can stumble upon a large number of pitfalls.

First of all, study all the documents. They must be issued properly. The seller is obliged to show a certificate of registration of the right to a plot of land in which it is indicated that the land is owned and what it is intended for.

The purpose of the land is what you should pay special attention to. Earth is intended:

  • Under agriculture
  • Under construction
  • There are lands of industry, energy,
  • Lands of water and forest fund
  • Land reserve.

You can build a house only on the land intended for it.Because lands belonging to one category cannot be used for another purpose. That is, if you bought land for agricultural land and built a house on it, then it will be quite difficult and extremely problematic to transfer the land to the “Under construction” category.

Then it is worth talking with the neighbors to find out if they have any claims on land surveying, and if the land is run by a garden partnership, then find its chairman and find out if the previous owner has debts.

Check the availability of communications, well, if the gas and water will be brought to the site, otherwise you will have to incur large financial costs for summing up the communications, besides, it will take a lot of time.

Buying land in the village

Many people want to live in the village today, live in nature near the big city, enjoy the fresh air and admire the beauty of nature - this is the dream of a huge number of citizens, exhausted by the constant noise and poor ecology. Therefore, residents of megacities want to sell an apartment and buy land in the village. So how to buy land in the village?

First, decide for what purpose you need the land.If you need land and a house, and not just a vegetable garden, then search for yourself or with the help of an agency a suitable place with convenient access roads, gas and water.

Then carefully review all the documents from the seller. What should he present to you:

  • Your passport
  • Cadastral plan of the land plot
  • Certificate of ownership.

Check if the land you are looking for has burdens in the form of a passing heating main, forest belts, and so on. If there is a house on earth, then look at the documents and on it, since you will also be its owner.

When the entire package of documents is ready, you can deal with the state registration of land rights.

Buying land from the city

How to buy land from the city? Land within the city can be purchased from the executive authorities, as well as local authorities. This land is under the jurisdiction of the municipality, in some large cities special organizations are involved in the land.

Land from the administration is quite possible to buy. To give you land, you need to go through the bidding procedure. To do this, they must first work on the formation of the selected area, then determine what this land will be used for, how this area will be connected to engineering networks.Then the auction itself is held. Further, a protocol and a contract of sale are drawn up. In the end, you will receive a certificate of registration rights.

How to buy land in the property without bidding. It is possible, having previously coordinated the place of the proposed construction.

First you pick a place and apply. The administration, in turn, should inform the public about the upcoming construction.

You make out the act of choosing the land for construction. Conduct cadastral work.

Then draw up a contract of sale and then enter into the property.

Land can also be bought and not for construction.

To do this, you must apply to the city administration. In this very statement you should indicate:

  • Goal, that is, why do you need this land
  • Plot size
  • Its exact location.

After consideration of the application, the city administration should issue a map of the location of the site.

On the basis of this scheme, the applicant must carry out cadastral work in order to put on cadastral registration.

Then the administration will have to make a decision on the sale of this plot within two weeks.

At the end of this whole process a purchase and sale agreement is drawn up, and then the land plot is made into ownership.

As you can see, buying land, although difficult, is still possible. But. In this case, you need to be extremely careful and careful to avoid unnecessary difficulties. Therefore, if you are afraid to sign something wrong yourself, take a knowledgeable and trusted person with you. Of course, the whole procedure of registration is not quite fast, but still the game, as they say, is worth the trouble, because as a result of all your worries and walkings, you will become the happy owner of the coveted land.

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