How to calmly survive the financial crisis

You will need
  • Paper sheet pen
Remove the external factors of fear.
It is no secret that the media often create emotional stress. Therefore, try to look more at events occurring around you, and not at what they say in the media. Communicate with people who raise your spirits and look to the future with optimism. It is important to understand that any crisis lasts no more than 2-3 years, and after a while it will end. For several years it is quite possible to live modestly, without any extra expenses. Be sure to plan for the future.
Understand how you scare yourself with thoughts and expose them.
Take a piece of paper and write everything that scares you. One sentence - one fear. For example: I will lose my job, I will not have a salary, I will have nothing to pay a loan, I will have nothing to eat and I will die of hunger. These are the usual fears of any person.In this case it will be good if you bring your fears to the extreme degree of insanity. But don't take it seriously. This is just an exercise.
Then on each of the sentences write a few realistic answers.
What can be done in such a situation.
For example: if I lose my job, I will find a new one, finally there will be time for rest, for a while I can live without work.
I will have nothing to pay the loan - I’ll find out the conditions and the size of fines in the bank, if I don’t repay the loan, I’ll find out what the last steps will be and in what time frame, if I don’t pay the deposit. And so it is necessary to do with every frightening thought.
Thus, you create for yourself several options for getting out of a difficult situation. Stop scaring your fantasies about the crisis. You begin to look realistically at what is happening without exaggerating the danger.
Rely on real facts, not fantasy.
Calculate how much money you need for a month for everyday needs. And think about what opportunities you have to receive this amount every month. What can be obtained without money. Without which you can do for a long time. Connect the imagination and think about how you can get what you usually buy.
Be here and now.
One of the easiest stress relief methods is to be in reality.Look around for what surrounds you.
Take a walk in the park, listen to the birds chirping, inhale the fresh air, look at the sky, flowers, trees and understand that in spite of the crisis - life goes on. And enjoy life, you can, regardless of the amount of money.

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