How to care for silicone insoles

Bottom line: tendons with muscles relax, blood circulation improves, legs do not slide on the soles of shoes, much less tired. But how to properly care for silicone insoles?
So, we advise you not to use silicone insoles for more than twelve hours a day. In case of bleeding or open wounds, it is also not recommended to wear them at sub-zero temperatures. At first, wearing such insoles causes discomfort to many, so wear them for one hour at first, increase the wearing time gradually!
Silicone insoles should be washed every day in tepid soapy water. Also, products should not be in contact with chlorine.
Insoles made of silicone and liners should be dried away from direct sunlight and all kinds of heating devices. If you follow these tips, the insoles will serve you for a long time!

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