How to change the pressure valve

In plumbing, as well as any other repair work, there are many nuances. Technically, this work is understandable and predictable, but you can not foresee everything. Incidents can happen at the most inopportune moment and need to be prepared for them. Replacing a faulty faucet in plumbing is a type of ordinary work. Usually it is performed after a complete shutdown of the water supply in the house or riser with a vertical wiring. But what to do when disconnecting the whole house from the water supply does not seem appropriate, and the tap needs replacement? Let's see how one of the master plumber came out of this situation. At once we want to warn that such a method is not a panacea, and has a rather serious degree of risk. But reject it, too, is not worth it. So let's get started!
How to change the valve under pressure

Description of the problem

The ball valve, despite its improved structure in relation to the valve, can also become unusable.There may be several reasons for this:
  • Scaling on the ball, and as a result, erasing the fluoroplastic sealing gaskets (saddles);
  • The bend of the rotary stem;
  • Deformation of the internal parts of the crane;
  • Breakdown of the shutter itself
Of course, this may be different reasons, for example, substandard thin metal or economy manufacturer on components. But in a critical situation, when the crane is not working and it needs to be replaced, you need to find the right way out, and do not flood yourself or your neighbors. How to change the pressure valve

Change the pressure tap

First you need to prepare some water tanks for the most unexpected incident. If there is a toilet or a revision hatch in the sewer riser, you can use them to drain water through a suitable hose.

We prepare the gasket

For the sealing of threads in plumbing different seals are used. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most versatile and ancient seals is flax tow. Recently, it is customary to use a patch in combination with sealing pastes, such as Unipack. It is easy to use, non-toxic, resistant to corrosion and temperatures up to +140 degrees Celsius. But the greatest advantage of this material is the ability to adjust to 45 degrees. For complex assemblies, where several elements participate, and the position of each of them has a value, this property is extremely useful. In difference, for example, from a fumlenta, you no longer have to disassemble the connection if you suddenly accidentally turned off the tap or coarse filter in front of the counter. It dries very slowly, so if you need to dismantle the assembly elements, this work can be done without much effort. We unfasten a few fibers of the pakli, and we twist them into a tight pigtail. We calculate the length so that it is enough for the winding of the whole thread under the tap. We type a little sealing paste, and thoroughly soak our seal.
How to change the tap under pressure
How to change the tap under pressure
How to change the tap underpressure

Dismantling the faucet

This procedure is very risky, because the valve body can be cracked or simply burst from the water pressure when untwisting. Adjust the adjustable or gas wrench to fit the size of the collar valve. The valve handle (lever or "butterfly") can be removed by unscrewing the brass euro-nut. Adjusting the pressure, turn the valve counterclockwise, holding the riser outlet. The last threads can be passed manually, since the thread resistance to be minimal. Having removed the crane with a Come, substitute cumulative capacity or hose for draining water.
 How to change the tap under pressure
How to change the tap under pressure
 How to change a faucet under pressure

winding a compactor

Prepared pigtail of a tow we wind on a branch thread clockwise ke. Thus, when mounting the crane, unwinding the sealant will be eliminated. In addition, it can be threaded manually.
How to change the tap under pressure
How to change the tap under pressure
How to change the faucet under pressure

Install the faucet

Install the new ball valve by hand, opening the valve to the water supply. After making several turns, the connection can be tightened from the key. Twist the tap all the way, setting its position relative to the rest of the assembly, and turn the valve. Evidence of a quality connection will be a dry joint on the tap of the riser and the crane.
How to change the tap under pressure
How to change the pressure valve
How to change the pressure valveHow to change the pressure valve

Practical tips

In such situations, it is necessary to turn off the water supply on the riser or in the house. Since the threads for the crane on the pipeline can not be completely sure of the serviceability of the thread, it is necessary to prepare to cut it in a new one, and this will take time.And under the pressure of water - it is very inconvenient to do this, and sometimes it is simply impossible. In order not to bring the ball valve to faults or breakages, it costs 1-2 times a month to develop, alternately closing and opening the locking rod.

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