How to choose a beauty box?

Beauty boxes were invented by ushrymi Americans. Only they could have thought of collecting samples of cosmetics, bandaging them with a ribbon, coming up with a beautiful story and selling it. Then they began to put miniatures, full-fledged products, and discount certificates in boxes with cosmetics. But more about that later. The first in the States was the serviceBirchboxwhich, by the way, this year celebrates the fifth anniversary. The principle of operation was and remains the following: the client registers on the site, subscribes for a month, half a year or year, pays a subscription fee andmonthly gets his cat in the bag, that is, a box with cosmetics. When the service began to gain momentum, themed boxes appeared: someone started to collect men's products, someone focused on anti-age tools. And only in Russia they thought of boxing with cowards, called uncomplicatedTrusbox.

And if, without irony, you should still subscribe to the box of beauty. There are several reasons:Some boxes offer a really cool selection of brands.You get acquainted with a bunch of products, new brands and funds, save and decide for yourself whether it is worth buying the expensive N cream in full. Well, by itself you get emotions - they are priceless. And this children's delight, which covers at the sight of a mountain of cosmetics.

Here are some interesting services. We study and choose.


Photo posted by Yamibox.Ru (@yamiboxru)Sep 1 2015 at 3:21 pdt

A meeting place for Korean brands that have coolly pressed their fellow Europeans over the past couple of years. In a nice Kraft box, you will find full-length versions, thumbnails and sachet probes, like those that are glued to the pages of magazines. The proportions of caring means and decorative materials are approximately the same. The names that can be found in Yamibox are mostly unknown in Russia, but this does not spoil them at all: Mizon, Shara Shara, Lotus, Berrisom. The boxing creators like the means they propose to buy at their own online store. With him, by the way, the story of this box began.

Price of the box:699 rub.


Photo posted by @maxi_caseSep 15 2014 at 6:01 pdt

The beauty of these boxes in predictability: ordering MaxiCase, you almost always know their composition, and it is impressive. The exception is the beauty box, which is called MaxiCase Surprise. In the presence of 9 beauty boxes, all themed.In one, only masks are collected, in another - aromas, in the third - decorative cosmetics. There's more to life: MaxiCase works with Collistar, MontCarotte, Swiss Nature, Lush, Egomania, Wella Professionals, Academie.

Price of the box:from 890 to 3150 rubles. 

Sample society

Photo posted by Allurebox (@allurebox)Aug 17 2015 at 10:41 PDT

Behind this name there are two boxes with loud names Allure Box and Glamor Bag. The beauty boxes Allurboks, which you will now find under the name Glamor-boxing (Glambox), are presented once a month in a new selection of brands that may be envied by the largest perfumery and cosmetics stores.Most of the funds in the boxes of premium brands,come across niche scents,high-quality care products from concept brands. Clarins, Cartier, Darphin, Byredo, Comme des Garcons, Kiehls, Montale, Weleda - and this is just the beginning. The filling of the boxes changes every month, it can be a mix of different brands, and maybe a selection of funds from the same brand. A subscription to the Glamor Bag will open on September 1, the box will include 6–8 full-sized items in a cute cosmetic bag.

Price of the box:on request

Krygina box

Photo posted by Krygina Elena (@elenakrygina)Aug 26 2015 at 1:11 PDT

The box bears the name of a beauty expert and popular make-up artist Elena Krygina and is published every month. As the creators of beauty boxing say, all means are tested by Lena personally before they get into the box.In the Krygina Box, you can come across a BeautyBlender sponge, a Yves Saint Laurent lip gloss miniature, an Aveda body antistress cream, and other good products. But if the content is disappointing, you can at any time give up your box, paying a commission of 10% for a refund. The exact launch date of the next beauty box is not announced, all the information about the start of sales and the composition of the fresh Krygina Box can be found in the Instagram account.@kryginabox.

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