How to choose a blouse

Fabric The choice of fabric is a very important moment when buying a blouse. Not only warm or light it will depend on it, but also how formal it will look. If you need a blouse under a business suit, choose thick cotton or rayon. These models retain their appearance throughout the day, and you will feel comfortable. Silk and satin are good for elegant blouses, they look gorgeous in the evening light.
The style and fit of a blouse is also important, because it influences when you can wear it. Here is what you need to pay attention to. Cutout. The shape and depth of the cutout affects how you can weara blouse. Consider whether the chosen blouse is combined with a jacket, cardigan or sweater. Deep neckline is suitable for the evening, but absolutely not allowed in the office. 2. Strict or slim? If you plan to choosea blousein a suit set, a strict cut is more suitable, and a fitted feminine model is better to act as a soloist in a dress.3.Fastener. There are a huge number of options for fasteners. Front or back, zipper, buttons or riveting, or even lacing - everything is possible. Choosing, remember the main rule: the more elaborate the fastener looks, the fewer sets you can make with a blouse. Symmetry. For office more suitable blouse with a symmetrical design. Asymmetric models look more impressive, but not suitable for all cases.
QualityHow better to do: buy a lot of inexpensive blouses and have a wide choice, or choose a few expensive ones and be confident in quality? In fact, it depends on your lifestyle and wallet. We offer a universal option. Buy two or three expensive and high-quality models of neutral colors and classic style that fit your favorite strict skirt and classic trousers. They will be the basis of your wardrobe and with proper care will serve you for several years. When you want to buy something trendy, choose a blouse simpler. They will serve you for a year or two, but they will not be sorry to be thrown away when the style goes out of fashion.

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