How to choose a comfortable and beautiful blouse?


Blouses by type of fabric

  1. Satin models look amazing on the figure. Brilliant smooth matter flows through the body, hiding minor flaws and creating a graceful silhouette. To disguise a bulging tummy and too full hips, choose a blouse with a free cut. In a satin gown you will look gorgeous both on a city walk and on a festive event. The fabric is pleasantly felt on the skin.
  2. Silk blouses delight noble and luxurious look. With the help of these blouses are created elegant elegant images. The material does not irritate delicate skin and does not cause allergic reactions. In such clothes you will look attractive and feel comfortable.
  3. Guipure material looks especially luxurious. Lace translucent fabric to face all women, regardless of age and build. To the touch, matter is stiff, but the skin does not scratch. Often, guipure products have a soft thin lining, which makes wearing even more pleasant.To create a seductive image, try on a blouse on a naked body, without forgetting, of course, to wear a bra.

You can choose a wonderful option also from elastic lycra, glossy organza, plush velvet, etc. While listening, listen to the sensations. An elegant and comfortable blouse will definitely not be abandoned in the far corner of the closet, but will decorate you in the best moments of life, giving you joy and confidence in your attractiveness.

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