How to choose a cream for oily skin

What does “oily skin” mean?

Oily skin - a phenomenon common in adolescence due to hormonal changes in the body of teenagers, and among girls and women of later age. A simple sign of oily skin - it begins to shine a couple of hours after washing, if it is not powdered. Also, oily skin is replete with black dots - comedones.In order not to “irritate” oily skin on pustules and “black dots” even more, you should try not to aggravate its already high fat content, and ideally - try to reduce it.
Abundant fat secretion from within clogs the pores - once. In addition, it actively adsorbs dirt and harmful substances from the outside - two. Together, this provokes the active reproduction of microorganisms and the occurrence. Hence we make a simple conclusion: oily skin requires creams that will not provoke an even greater increase in the activity of the sebaceous glands and will not clog pores from the outside.Ideally, an antiseptic effect and the so-called oil-control are also required, that is, the regulation of sebum secretion.
So what kind of creams are suitable for these conditions? How to choose good skin care cosmetics for oily skin? Based on brand names? Rather, it is much more important to pay attention to the ingredients in the creams.

What should be the composition of the cream

To be more precise, when choosing a cream for oily skin based on a study of its composition, you need to pay attention to two fundamentally important things. First, the safety of the composition. What does this mean?In the composition of the cream for oily skin should not be comedogenic elements, but the presence of regulators of sebum will be very helpful.
Today, the vast majority of manufacturers of cosmetics add to it the so-called comedogenic substances that provoke acne due to clogged skin pores. Moreover, it can be both natural oils of plant origin - coconut, grape seed, shea, etc., - and chemicals - silicones repeatedly reprimanded by beauty bloggers like Dimethicone. In the same series of "inveterate" pore scavengers are mineral oils, cheap hyaluronic acid, lanolin with all its derivatives, and all known emollients.The latter are nothing but derivatives of fatty acids.
Secondly, an important principle for the selection of high-quality cream for oily skin - the presence in its composition of a substance that controls fat. It can be both natural (often used lime, bergamot or lemon juice, tanaki extract or its powder, etc.), and synthetic substances. Of the latter, biodextrol, bisabolol, etc., help well.

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