How to choose a fashionable dress jacket?

If you have long dreamed of updating your wardrobe, then you definitely need a stylish and trendy thing. Several seasons in a row in the trend of the original dress jacket. Deciding to buy such a model, first find out how to choose and wear it.

Subtleties of choice

For a start it is worth noting that the jacket dress is a cross between these two things. By cut, the thing resembles a jacket, but due to lengthening, it is perceived as a dress and can be considered an independent piece of clothing that does not require additions.

When choosing a dress jacket you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Style. A classic classic that goes out of fashion is a fitted silhouette, with lapels and buttons. This model will emphasize the waist and hips, it is ideal for slender girls. If you need to hide the extra volume, you can choose a trapezoid or A-shape thing that elegantly disguises centimeters at the waist or in the hips. There are fashionable models of straight cut, which are suitable for the fair sex with a fragile or somewhat boyish figure.A young dress suit jacket with a lush flared hem, it looks playful and fresh. You can also choose a model of asymmetric cut, for example, with an unusual hem or different lapels.
  2. Length. In fashion, the length of the mini, but a short dress jacket can afford only slender girls with beautiful legs. If the figure has some flaws, then you can choose a model of midi length: up to the knees or on the palm above them. A dress jacket, reaching to the middle of the calf, will hide the legs almost completely, disguising the shortcomings localized in this area and giving the image of femininity, elegance and some mystery.
  3. Colour. A classic never going out of fashion is black, and it is universal and goes for absolutely everyone. In addition, a model of this color may well fit into a strict, official and business style. But also to create a cocktail or even an evening look, it will do. White color refreshes and is associated with purity, airiness and a certain romance. In the trend of gentle and soft nude and powdery shades. For special occasions, you can choose a rich and deep shade, for example, burgundy, emerald, dark blue.And if you are ready for the enthusiastic views, then choose a bright dress jacket coral, red or pink.
  4. Prints. On such a peculiar thing, complex patterns will look ridiculous and vulgar, so only classical prints are allowed: stripes, cells, “crow's feet”.
  5. Details. A thing can have such details as lapels, metal or contrast buttons (one row or two), patch pockets, inserts from other materials. But it is worth remembering that the jacket dress itself is a bright piece of clothing, so numerous additions will be superfluous and will overload the image.

How to look stylish in a dress jacket?

What is wearing a fashionable dress jacket? In most cases, such a thing does not require "companions" and additions, as it itself copes with the main role and performs the functions of the main accent. But, for example, a model of a free cut with a deep V-neck can be complemented with a blouse or top, and preferably a contrasting color.

Short models can be worn with narrowed cropped trousers, and this set will give the impression of a stylish, finished suit, in which the top will be perceived as a long elegant jacket. Also, pants can be replaced with a pencil skirt.

Tip: if the thing itself is complex, does not have a deep neckline and ultrashort length, then it is better to wear it as an independent accent garment.

We select shoes and accessories

It is very important to choose the right shoes, otherwise the image will be hopelessly corrupted. For feminine models: ankle boots, pumps, elegant boots, wedge sandals or heels for a fitted dress-jacket. If the thing is made in a casual style, you can afford loafers or oxfords.

And you should not create a sharp contrast: if the dress is black, then the shoes should be dark, and if the top is light, then you can complement it with shoes of the same range, for example, a fashionable nude shade. It is better to refuse bright and bright models, because the role of emphasis is assigned to clothes.

Not very complicated laconic dress can and even needs to be supplemented with accessories. Pick up a thin strap to emphasize the waist. Bold young girl fit miniature butterfly around his neck. Choose an elegant clutch or a small original handbag-box. If the thing does not have a bright decor, then you can afford jewelry, for example, a choker or a small necklace, bracelet or earrings. But it is better to choose one thing.In general, the accessories in the kit should not be much: overly zealous, you run the risk of overloading the image and becoming like a dressed up New Year tree.

Tip: if you have no idea how to fit a fashionable dress jacket in your style and make a fashionable image, then study the photos of celebrities. Let their examples inspire you.

Let the useful information strengthen your desire to acquire a fashionable thing and help you create bright images!

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