How to choose a good massage course in Moscow

Choosing in Moscow, you must initially decide on the purpose of training. If you want to take a course “for yourself”, you can limit yourself to short-term training programs and attendance at master classes near the house. Here you can learn the basic techniques of massage, and then try them on friends and relatives. You can also take a few individual lessons from a practicing master. If you consider massage as your future profession, training should be more thorough and long-term.

The path to professional masseurs

Of great importance is the training program. Remember that even "amateur" massage courses should not exclude the study of anatomy, human physiology, orthopedics and other mandatory medical disciplines. If you do not have a medical education, it is worth considering courses that offer serious theoretical training. Of great importance and practice.Check in advance how many workouts the training program includes, whether the training center provides models or whether you will have to search for them yourself.
The number of people in a group is equally important. It is desirable that the number of students does not exceed five to six people. The formula is simple: the less students, the more attention the teacher can pay to each of them. Most likely, the cost of a massage course in a mini-group will not be the lowest, but a good result is worth it.
Be sure to find information about the teachers of the course. Well, if the head of the tutorial is a practicing massage therapist. In this case, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the list of services of the future teacher, available diplomas and certificates, check his reputation and personally ask some questions about the course.

Conditions of education

Check the material and technical base of the training center: in which room the training will take place, if there is all the necessary equipment, consumables, and basic hygiene rules.
Find out if the training center issues certificates, diplomas and certificates.Documents confirming the fact of training may be useful to you in the future as in employment, and when working as a private master. The most valuable document for a massage therapist is the state certificate giving the right to work in medical and sports facilities. This document is not issued by all training centers and only if you have a medical education.
Before enrolling in the selected courses, specify what is included in the tuition fee, whether there are additional payments. Sometimes training centers, especially in the capital, for promotional purposes do not include the cost of consumables in the price. If you have to buy a lot of things yourself, be prepared for the fact that your investment in training will increase significantly.

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