How to choose a man?

A lot of people, women, men always revolve around us in life. Among them, there is always the most close and close person. Only a woman in middle and mature age is much more difficult to find a couple, because by the age of 35-40, there are 140 women per 100 men, according to statistics. Therefore, you need to know how to choose a man for a woman when he is no longer 18 years old, when there is life experience, and it is quite possible that there will be no new attempts. And you can read about choosing a guy here: "How to choose a guy?".

Appearance of a man

Of course, when a woman thinks about which man to choose, the words of the song come to mind: “So that I do not drink, not smoke, so that I always give flowers ...” There are as many answers to this question as there are women in the world. Each sees her ideal man in her own way. It is important to know him, to feel with his heart that he is near. Let's try to learn to determine what kind of man we need to look around us.

There are many ways to do this, but one of them is the most complete and true. It requires only a sheet of paper and a pen. It is necessary to write all the qualities that you want to see in your chosen one. Start writing with looks. Describe in great detail and specifically.Not just “tall and handsome”, but “my man’s height is 180 cm, he has European appearance, dark hair, magnificent mustaches, big brown eyes, charming smile”. It is important to describe every little thing. We must look for a man for specific traits and qualities. If you have not clearly formulated them, then how will you find and recognize it?

The qualities of a man

After you describe the man’s appearance, height, weight, hair color, eyes, skin, shoulder width, etc., proceed to the description of the inner world of your future elect, that is, list his qualities and character traits. What will your man be? Kind, sympathetic, sincere, romantic or pragmatist, clever or practical, cheerful or serious, joker or silent, pensive or lightweight, gentle and affectionate, or courageous and stern. If you then something is missing in a man, then do not blame him.

Skills and habits

After character qualities, you must write all his skills, habits. Then write his approximate life story, how old is he, where did he study, did he marry earlier, did he have children in previous marriages, how loving was he, was he jealous.Who can he be in his specialty, where he works approximately, what he can do around the house, whether he goes fishing or hunting, and goes in for sports. Yes, another important question that you have to carefully consider how much money your future elect will receive per month at work, he has a fortune and valuable property, and whether you can accept the fact that he will have less money than you count, and how much less.

Negative traits

When a complete portrait of a man is composed, you should write all the likely admissible negative traits of him. Write what you can put up with and what you don’t have, what you can be forgiven in life, and for which you will never forgive a man.

Now we need to carefully read my essay and try to present such a man externally. Imagine how he can look, how he walks, how he smiles. Just the way you presented it, so it will be, believe me! Similar to him - that's for sure!

The first 90 days will tell about everything.

We continue to explore how to choose the right man. Any relationship must be tested for strength before becoming close. How can a woman be able to check whether the man about whom she wrote in her work is exactly. You can check 90 days. After they pass, you will not learn anything cardinally new about a man.

  • So, do you want to know whether he is kind, caring and sincere? Ask him to take your cat for a week, because you will be painting floors at this time. See if he is happy about it, if he can care for animals. You will understand a lot by watching this process.
  • Next, you will need to evaluate his generosity and financial viability. Ask to give you a loan for treatment before the salary. If he thinks and thinks about what interest to give you money, then this is not your type of man, run away from him. If he gives you money with ease, having agreed on a return date, it will be very good, you can continue to communicate. And if he pays for your treatment and tells you not to think about returning the money, then you can be sure that this man already loves you and intends to marry you. If he did not consider you his own, he would never give you money without a refund.

So you can check all the most important qualities of your man. If in 70 percent they are confirmed, then the man is worthy of your attention and you can transfer the relationship to the category of serious.And then you will not have a question about how to choose a man.

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