How to choose an accurate pregnancy test

Types of tests

Modern manufacturers offer to determine pregnancy with the help of three types of tests - strips soaked with a reagent for HCG-hormone, jet tests for urine and tablet tests with two windows. Tests strips need to be lowered in the urine collected in advance in capacity. The result of the pregnancy test will show after 4-6 minutes. The strips belong to the cheapest category of tests, but they have a large error and high sensitivity to the hormone HCG.
The sensitivity of the tests shows the amount of the hormone HCG, which increases during pregnancy, so they show the most accurate result only from the first day of the delay. There is no point in conducting a test before the expected day of arrival of the month.
Tablet tests are more expensive than test strips, but they have low sensitivity to pregnancy hormone, which makes them more accurate and high-quality.Tablet pregnancy tests consist of two strips, one of which is dripped with urine, and the other is expected to produce a result.
Inkjet tests are the most expensive and most effective because they contain a special layer with blue particles that join the hCG hormone and show the result after a minute. A good inkjet test will determine if pregnancy is already a week after conception.

Choosing the exact pregnancy test

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of such an important product, you need to follow several rules. First of all, when buying, you should pay attention to its shelf life. The lower the sensitivity of the test to the hormone hCG (the smaller it is), the earlier the pregnancy test will show the exact result. When a month is delayed, it is quite possible to use a test strip or a tablet test, since for a reliable diagnosis in the body there will already be enough hormone hCG.
To increase the reliability of the result, it is advisable to purchase several pregnancy tests issued by different manufacturers.
You should not buy the cheapest tests from an unknown manufacturer - they, most likely, can show an inaccurate result or distort it.It is also worth properly conducting the procedure of “testing” for pregnancy, as closely as possible following all the instructions indicated on the package of the purchased test.

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