How to choose furniture?

The choice of not only beautiful, but also the right furniture is a very serious matter, which requires taking full account of many factors, the main of which is the overall interior design. Consider how to choose the right furniture.

General rules

It is absolutely obvious that the furniture must match the style of the interior. Although today many designers love mixing different styles in one interior. However, you need to be very careful with this, since not everyone can do it to correctly mix opposing styles. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities and do not want to resort to the help of professional designers, then you should just choose furniture for the room, based on the overall color scheme of the room.

Furniture color selection

The color of the furniture does not necessarily have to completely coincide with the main color of the interior. In the case when the shape and texture of the furniture is already self-sufficient, you can try to play on the contrast and give preference to the catchy and unusual color of wood. It is also possible to shade it using the procedure of painting or toning.It should be borne in mind that the traditional brown and red shades do not particularly fit into the modern interior of the room. The texture of wood influences how the color is perceived. For example, the red tint in the facade of furniture can be catchy, but only in work with cherry, mahogany or alder. At the same time, the furniture will seem more solid, reliable and solid. It does not act excitingly, but on the contrary provides a calming effect. Smoothed beech texture in combination with a touch of yellowness gives a much more peaceful effect than the usual yellow or brownish pine. A very bright birch can easily refresh the space. As for ash, chestnut or oak, these materials also have a calming effect on the person and bring a touch of stability to the interior of the room.

How to choose the color of furniture

There is nothing difficult in this, but some little things should be given special attention. It should be noted that in many aspects the color will depend on the function that the furniture will perform. So, in calm tones, the choice of colors for the children's room is different.Quite often, parents install furniture in the room of their child that has a bright facade, but not flashy, because bright colors can have a beneficial effect on the child's activity. At the same time, overly active and flashy color solutions should be avoided, as they have an effect that excites the nervous system. As for the bedroom, here it is necessary to choose furniture in calmer colors, for example, having on itself green or yellow shades.

How to choose furniture for the nursery

When choosing furniture for this room, it is necessary to take into account the fact that you can combine such colors as yellow, red or green. They create a great mood. Of course, the natural color of wood is not able to create the same effect, but it can be tinted and rationally combine individual pieces of furniture made of wood. If we consider such rooms as a hallway or living room, the furniture here is less daring in terms of the choice of colors. Here, often the choice of color is based on the overall orientation of the interior. But all the same colored bedrooms and hallways are already starting to acquire fans.And, of course, the largest space for imagination is provided by the kitchen. Since most kitchens do not have a large area, color solutions help to create a style in such a room. Here you can show all your imagination.

How to choose wallpaper to furniture

The color of the walls affects not only the mood of the household, but also the general atmosphere in the room. Therefore, the choice of wallpaper should be approached not less responsibly. The main criterion for choosing their colors is the color and design of furniture, as well as its shape and style. When thinking about how to choose wallpaper for furniture, you need to take into account the colors of furniture. So, if the furniture needs to be highlighted, the color of the walls should be dim and restrained. Thus, the more original and unusual furniture looks, the more restrained the walls should be. Also, they should not have flashy pictures. But the furniture with one-colored upholstery just needs a contrast with the walls, so they can be very bright, covered with all sorts of drawings and eye-catching decorative elements.

If you want to divert attention from the furniture, then you need to focus on the expressive and rich walls.It is also worth trying to paint the walls in different colors, but belonging to the same color scheme. The selection of wallpaper to furniture must take into account the visual effects. Thus, the cold shades of the walls can visually increase the space, while in combination with dark furniture can also emphasize its style. Warm, soft colors of the walls harmoniously look like with the furniture of dark shades, and with lighter tones.

A little about furniture design

On the design of furniture is also worth paying attention. If the furniture is made in a romantic and rustic style, the walls should be left light, for example, pale green or beige, with bright contrast stripes. For a classic-style interior, more respectable shades such as strictly blue, cold pink, with a minimalist design are better suited. And for high-tech furniture, it is better to select a single, calm and conservative wall decoration.

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