How to conceive a child of the right sex

Take advantage of folk signs at conceptionbaby�certainthe floor. For example, if you make love in rainy or snowy weather, the chance to give birth to a girl increases, to the dry - a boy. Sexual intercourse on the day of the onset of ovulation increases the chance to conceive a male babythe floor, and two days before her or after - female. Ovulation can be calculated by scheduling a basal temperature, which should be measured daily in the morning. In addition, it is believed that a woman who wants to give birth to a daughter should not get an orgasm at the time of conception, and planning a son vice versa. This is due to the fact that the mucus formed during orgasm does not allow sperm to be killed with the Y chromosome. According to American scientists, boys are more likely to be born in women with high self-esteem, energetic and decisive, because their body contains more male hormone - testosterone.
Eat more meat, fish products, if you want to give birth to a son. It is recommended to eat greens, add spices and seasonings to food.It is advisable to include in the diet an unlimited amount of bread, cereals, salt, yeast. You should not eat dairy products, shrimp, pastries, cabbage, eggs, exclude nuts, cocoa, chocolate. These products contribute to the conception of the daughter.
Refer to the obstetrician-gynecologist, he will conduct the necessary research and the results of the analyzes can help in planning the heir of a certainthe floor. It is known that male spermatozoa play a decisive role in determining the sex of a baby. They and the egg carry a half set of chromosomes. Who will be born depends on what sex chromosome the spermatozoon delivered to the egg cell, since it always carries only the X-sex chromosome. A sperm carrier Y chromosome and X chromosome simultaneously.

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