How to congratulate a girlfriend?

Girlfriends should know each other pretty well. This helps them to make original congratulations and have fun together. When a celebration comes, I want a friend to be cheerful and perky, like a little child. How to originally congratulate a girlfriend? Bored wishes of happiness, love and money are pretty fed up. It is necessary to include the imagination so that the festive evening turns into a real unforgettable fairy tale.

How to congratulate your best friend

  • In the absence of a friend, you need to try to get access to her apartment. You can ask her parents or children for the keys while she is at work. Or ask someone to take her for a while and call her from home under a convenient excuse. Your task during this time is to prepare her a surprise.
  • Rooms can be decorated with balloons, garlands, cards, toys or flowers. Need to focus on its taste. It will be interesting to create an atmosphere of another world in which you can dive during the festive evening.
  • For example, a room for a while can become a Barbie toy house if it is decorated in pink. Complement this puppet bachelorette party, where you and your friends will try on different outfits, arrange a disco and a grand tea party.
  • Let's think about how unusual to congratulate her friend. And can turn into a gypsy camp? Under the groovy music arrange dances. DO NOT forget that you definitely need to guess and organize various contests.
  • You can fly into space and change into funny and unusual aliens. If you give free rein to your imagination and plan everything in advance and plan it, then you can have an unforgettable evening. Of course, it is important in this case that the guests are aware of your plans, having given the word of honor, not to tell anything to a friend, and be able to take part in the fun.
  • Be sure to arrange the original draws. You will need a beautiful envelope, bought at a kiosk or printed out on a printer. Write some letter inside, put a letter of thanks and whether the money. Sign the envelope on behalf of some interesting non-existent organization. Send a letter by mail or courier delivery.
  • You can arrange on the radio to record your congratulations at a certain time. Read the beautiful message in verse and turn on your musical gift, any favorite song of the hero of the occasion. For her, it will be a very pleasant and unexpected surprise.
  • In the case of a holiday in a restaurant or cafe, you need to take care of the original and unusual design tables. Order a small but colorful presentation. Maybe it will be a humorous concert or performance of songs that a girlfriend loves or a strip show. With the owner of the institution you need to agree in advance on the possibility of using special effects.
  • You can organize a trip to the bowling alley, club, billiards. There are many entertainment centers. Do not forget to fall asleep girlfriend good words and gifts.
  • If you want to know how cool to congratulate a girlfriend, you need to go to the sites with poems. There you can pick up some funny text or send a voice message.
  • Congratulations in writing, do not write standard phrases. You need to desire what a person wants for himself. It should be filed with humor and in its original form.
  • You can pick up a ready card for your beloved friend with a suitable greeting.
  • How can you congratulate a friend without giving her anything material? A gift, of course, should be. It will be better if you try out from her or her relatives in advance, which she lacks. There are many household trifles that people rarely buy for themselves. For example, a computer vacuum cleaner or a fondue kit.
  • A gift must be presented unexpectedly. First, give a postcard with a hint to the place where the surprise. And then she let her look.

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