How to congratulate his wife happy birthday

How to congratulate his wife happy birthday

How to congratulate his wife happy birthday

To congratulate your soulmate on your birthday is not enough just a gift. This is a whole ritual, which can be done without errors only with the help of diligent efforts. For a beloved wife, it is the efforts that are important, because you show your love and care - the most important conditions, without which there can not be a strong and happy family. You can see beautiful congratulations on his wife's birthday in prose and verse, and also there you will find audio congratulations on your mobile phone.


However, avoid standards. Candlelight dinner and breakfast in bed, of course, do not interfere. But do not focus on this, be more creative. Every husband should be well aware of his life partner and be able to use it in time. Take your beloved woman to some important place for her, connected with pleasant memories. Prepare her favorite dish, even without proper skills in cooking (first of all, diligence).


Never forget how much your lovely woman loves her appearance and cares about her. Get a subscription to a beauty salon or spa, so that your beloved one will bloom and smell in your day. If there is such an opportunity - do not save.


Leave the wife alone for a while with her friends. Take the children and go for a walk with them, women often need to talk in private. So you demonstrate attentiveness to its interests and respect, which is important.


Constantly delight her with small surprises, for example, during a walk in the middle of a crowded street, shout that your beloved woman has a birthday today and she is the most beautiful and wonderful. Your other half, most likely, will turn red, but will be very pleased.


Choose a special moment to present the gift. Take your time and think out the words you will have to say in advance. You can write a small poem, but, in any case, do not read it from the postcard.

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