How to cope with stress during pregnancy

Stress is an absolutely normal reaction of any human body to certain stimuli. This mechanism allows a person to adapt to certain changes in the external environment. Stimuli can be completely different, both physical and psychological. The first group includes, for example, heat, cold and hunger. To the second - offense, any serious deception.
Stress mechanism works in a certain way. When a stressful situation arises, absolutely all systems begin to work actively in the body, for example, a person's heartbeat increases significantly, and pressure increases. The body begins to resist irritants. As a rule, the body’s energy reserves are sufficient, it copes with stress and everything returns to normal, but if the external influence is long enough, then the body’s forces are running out, it is depleted.Anxiety reappears, but now it is irreversible.
Stress does not always exclusively negatively affect the human body, in some cases they have the opposite effect. They help the body to adapt to any new situation, and this quality is very important. When the internal reserves begin to work, the immunity rises, the body becomes stronger.
Distinguishing between positive and negative stress is very easy. It is enough to know the signs of negative stress, these include: too fast fatigue, poor concentration, insomnia or nightmares, anxiety, frequent heartbeat, dizziness, rash, etc. It is this kind of stress that is dangerous during pregnancy and can cause complications.
All your experiences need to be discussed, and not to save in oneself, since this does not have the best effect on the nervous system. As a rule, when problems are sorted out loud, they already seem not so serious and terrible.
Any person, let alone a pregnant woman, needs to be able to relax, this is a great way to get rid of a stressful state.It is best to start to learn yoga, this is a very useful activity, which helps to find peace and balance.
Only positive thoughts should be present in the head, no matter what the situation in life. As a rule, you can always find something good, you just need to try and want it.

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