How to correct a bearing?

Violation of posture is a change in the structure of the spine. In the normal state, it has physiological bends: forward and backward in the lumbar and thoracic region. In the case of any impacts, these bends may be broken — smooth or amplify. As a result, scoliosis, kyphosis and other troubles associated with the spine are acquired. It is better to treat and eliminate impaired posture in adolescence or childhood, when the bones and cartilage are soft and the muscles are elastic. It is much more difficult for adults to correct their posture, but it is possible.

Regular and daily exercises, training the abdominal muscles and back, strengthening the muscular corset, are the key to a smooth back. They are simple, but will require perseverance and perseverance. Someone uses the services of therapeutic massage, but its effect may disappear without regular exercise.

How to correct posture: exercises

  • Lying on your back, bending your knees, put one hand on the stomach with the other on the chest. Breathing belly. Exhale and inhale “fix” by holding your breath. Next, breathe deeply.We separate our hands to the sides while inhaling, and when we breathe out we clasp the chest. Next, we lift the hands up while inhaling, and on the exhale, lower and lay along the body. Repeat several times.
  • For the next exercise, you will need a sandbag about 1 kg or any bulk food (sugar, fine millet). We get up against the wall. We place the bag on the head and, without holding our hands, standing straight, press our backs to the wall to fix the posture. Hands at the seams.
  • Lying on your stomach, lift your head, arms and legs, hold them without touching the floor. Do the same exercise, clasping the lower back with your hands.
  • Exercise is performed lying on the stomach. Take in the hands behind the ends of the gymnastic stick. The movements are smooth: we lift it with straight arms and lower it to the bottom.
  • Lying on the stomach, we lift off the legs and arms. We spread our legs apart and pressed our hands to our hips. We bring our legs together and spread our arms.
  • Exercise "bike" everyone knows. Simulate, lying on your back, cycling; in the hands of holding a gymnastic stick. Stretch your arms and press to your chest.
  • Lying on your back, legs bent, feet on the floor. The arms are extended along the body. Without taking your hands, raise and lower the pelvis.
  • Exercise "cat". Standing on all fours, bend and arch the back.

We will also see how to correct posture using other methods. For example: swimming, posture corrector, properly mattress. The latter should be:

  1. Equal and tough enough, but not excessively;
  2. It is desirable that he was a wadded, 6-7 cm, foam rubber is not suitable because of the softness;
  3. There are special anatomical, orthopedic mattresses and pillows.

Water mattresses are well suited for sleeping, as it is known water has relaxing properties. The body experiences a feeling of lightness when we lie down on the surface of the water or float, thereby relieving the spine and relieving the weight of the body. The main criterion for choosing a good pillow or mattress: the absence of muscle pain and tension, in the morning it should not be!

Speaking of posture corrector

This is the most convenient way, it can be worn under clothing and it is not noticeable to others. But this method has disadvantages. The corrector should be used reasonably, you should not wear it all the time. Muscles get used to external support, become relaxed and stop supporting your back.When wearing a corrector, do not forget about the exercises.

Remember, if you work long and hard, in the future you will no longer have problems how to correct your posture. Remember to do this under the guidance of a professional, such as a doctor or fitness instructor.

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