How to cut a video?

Almost always an amateur video shot needs further editing. Indeed, in the process of shooting, a lot of unnecessary or unsuccessful moments fall onto the camera, which then it is desirable to cut out. How to cut the video?

This can be done with the help of special programs and online services.

Video editing software

To cut video, there are special programs. For this purpose, you can use tools such as Movie Maker, Movavi and others.

Here we will explain how to cut a video using the Video Editing program.

  1. Download the program video editing. Run the installation file and install the program on your computer.
  2. Open the utility. In the dialog box that appears, select the "Cut video" field and click on it with the mouse.
  3. The next step is to select a video file on your PC that needs to be edited and open it in the program.
  4. A player with a video appears in front of us. Set black markers at the bottom of the player at the beginning and end of the video segment, which we want to cut and save.You can also set the required time limits of the video being cut out manually in special fields.
  5. If you need to save more than one episode, click on the "New Fragment" button and repeat the operation with markers. In the window to the left of the player will appear a list with all the fragments we save.
  6. After all the necessary fragments are marked, click the "Next" button. The program offers to save the video in the original format or convert the edited material to any other popular format. Choose the option you want.
  7. We assign a name to the new video file and select the folder in which we will save it. Saving video in the native format happens almost instantly. Conversion takes some time (depending on file size).

The disadvantage of the program is the period of free use of 10 days.

Online video editing services

If you do not want to install additional programs on your PC, use specialized Internet services. True, most online editors (Animoto, MovieMasher, Wevideo) are English-speaking. Understanding them is not easy for a person who taught German at a school 15 years ago.

But you can cut the video with the help of the Russian-language service. For this:

  1. We go to the specified address and open the necessary video file. After downloading the video, a player appears on the page with a timeline and two sliders at the bottom.
  2. Set the sliders at the beginning and end of the video clip, which must be cut and saved.
  3. Click on the button "Crop" and wait until the service completes the task.
  4. Download the result to your computer.

The disadvantages that will be faced when cutting video in the Internet service:

  • cut at a time will be only one piece;
  • there are cases that the video on the page does not load for a very long time;
  • The quality of the edited online video is lower than that cut in a special program.

But try both options and make a choice for yourself.

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