How to decide on style

At the moment in clothes there are a large number of styles. Always relevant is the classic. In addition, at all times business, jeans, club, derby, sports and even military style was popular. From this list you can choose what suits you best. When choosing, be sure to consider your habits, your character. After all, clothing should be comfortable, comfortable first of all for you.
Remember also that your clothes should be in harmony with the world around you. For example, if you work in a law firm, the choice of folklore style would be inappropriate, and a business style would look awkward behind the counter of a department store.
Keep in mind that the style to which you give your preference will determine your behavior. Dress in the style of "Barbie" suggests that you are flirtatious, cheerful, sexy. Business attire requires to be serious, calm. A denim style implies unfettered, informal communication.
Your perception of the world and the most frequent mood can also affect the choice of style. If you like sports, you spend a lot of time on it, you are a lively, positive and cheerful person who loves to joke, then you will most likely prefer comfortable clothes of cheerful, bright colors related to sports style. If you are calm, in the manifestation of your feelings are quite restrained, then you should give preference to the classics.
Try to analyze which of the above options are most suitable for you. Pay attention to what styles and colors you go. After all this, you can choose a style that will best fit your worldview, lifestyle and type of character.

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