How to decorate the walls of the kitchen

You will need
  • ceramic tile,
  • special lighthouses,
  • cord,
  • Portland cement,
  • sand,
  • water,
  • putty knife.
Facing start from the bottom. Surface hang and put special beacons of the tiles, which will revet the wall. Install the lighthouses along the top and bottom rows - two lighthouses in each row from one and the other edge. Next to each lighthouse in the wall, drive in a pin. Tension one cord-mooring between the two bottom pins and the second cord - between the top two. Thus, it will be easier for you to control even styling. Prepare the tile fixing solution - most often it is made from ordinary Portland cement, which is mixed with sand and water.
Prepare tiles for laying. Accurately determine their number, for which lay the bottom row on a dry wall. If you need halves or smaller pieces of tiles, prepare chopped tiles. In order for the tile to hold on better, wet not only the wall itself, but also the tile: dip it with the back side for a while in the cement milk.Wet the tile slightly to prevent the solution from absorbing. The surface should only be moistened slightly. Start laying from the bottom row at the corner.
To lay the tile absolutely flat and not to allow the appearance of irregularities and protrusions, lay it on the cord-quay. Apply the solution with a notched trowel onto the tile, then attach it to the wall and lay it down to the level of the cord, striking light blows with a wooden bar or blade handle. After you finish the first row, transfer the entire cord construction to the second. And continue to lay the tile, focusing on the cord-mooring. Lay the tiles so that the solution fills the entire space between the wall and the back surface of the tile. Excess mortar, which will definitely come out from under the tile, remove with a spatula.

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