How to delete history in ICQ?

It happens that you urgently need to delete the correspondence in ICQ with someone of your friends. How to delete history in ICQ, what do you need to do? Read the detailed instructions below.

Delete message history

  1. Open ICQ and find the contact in which you want to clear the message history. To do this, just click on it with the left mouse button twice.
  2. You should have a window of the desired contact. In it, you will see the message history icon. Click on the icon, then you will go to the "Message History" window. It is here that you can see the history of ICQ, or more precisely, the history of correspondence with a particular person whom you have chosen.
  3. In the window that opens, on the left you will see all your contacts located in the column. And on the right you will find the same, where the ICQ history of the contact you selected is stored. Here you can see some features that allow you to work with the history of messages. Click the "delete" button, it is located in the lower right corner, and then, by pressing the left mouse button, delete the entire message history.As a result, you will have the next message - "no message history."

You have learned how to delete a story in ICQ, but sometimes users who have blithely erased all the correspondence, frantically search the global network for an answer to a question that concerns the opposite point - how to restore a story in ICQ? We will try to give the most comprehensive answer to it.

Message history recovery

So, the irreparable happened: by accident or on purpose, but you deleted an important correspondence. And now you are tormented by the question of how to restore the history in ICQ. Calm and only calm! To fix this annoying trouble, you will need two programs: Easy Recovery and icq2html.

You can almost always restore history in ICQ, because all of it is stored in text files. In them, the UIN name will mean the name of the person with whom you spoke.

  1. First try to recover the information on the disk. Download the Easy Recovery program on the Internet and install it on your computer. Scan the disk on which stood ICQ. As a rule, all programs are installed on drive C.
  2. Try to restore the files to the address, for example C: / Program Files / ICQ / Users / *, then write down your account number * / History. After that, select the text passage you need or select it completely.Now you can again see the history of ICQ. Do not remove it anymore!
  3. There are other ways that will allow you to find where the ICQ history is lost. Sometimes the history of private messages is lost when you change your login. That is, if you run the program under different names or from different computers, then ICQ will automatically synchronize the message history. All information is contained on the hard disk in the directory with the installed program.
  4. Go to the local drive "C" and find the folder ICQ, open the History. In it you can see the history of ICQ.
  5. On the Internet, download the program icq2html, with its help, you can also restore a deleted history.

Now you have learned how to restore the history in ICQ and you need not worry that the valuable correspondence has disappeared irretrievably.

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