How to determine if a computer has a virus

If oncomputerAntivirus is already installed, first check whether the license is valid. If this is the case, first start the update process of the application databases, and then perform a full scan of all hard drives for viruses. If they are found, select the menu item corresponding to the treatment or deletion (if it is impossible to cure) the infected files.
In the absence of an antivirus, or if the license has expired, buy the antivirus itself, respectively, or renew the license. If this does not suit you, remove the old paid antivirus and install the free one. It will always be updated without requiring renewal, which is very convenient. After removing the antivirus, additional configuration of network interfaces may be required for network access to appear again. At home, you can use PC Tools Antivirus Free or AVG Free, at work — only the first of these programs (the second is free for home use only).In no case can not put multiple antiviruses at once - they will conflict. Replacing the antivirus with a new, workable, again check all computer disks for viruses.
In addition to antivirus, you can also use antivirus tools. They differ in that they are not able to be updated, but they can coexist peacefully with the existing antivirus used as the main one. There are two such programs: "Zaitsev Anti-Virus" and Dr. Web Cure IT. The first one is free for any use, the second one is only for home use. To update the base of such a utility, simply download its new version. It does not require installation and is launched immediately after downloading and unpacking the archive.
The probability of a virus infecting a computer running Linux is quite small. If you still suspect that your machine is infected, install ClamAV antivirus and check all hard drives with it. And the special boot disk Dr.Web Live CD, made on the basis of Linux, can be used to scan machines with both Linux and Windows. Having recorded such a disk, boot the computer from it and perform the scan as if you were using an ordinary antivirus.If you want to update the base on such a disk, use the “CD-RW” type of disc, periodically downloading and writing new versions of the software on it.
If you suspect a separate file for malicious code, go to the VirusTotal website and download this file there. It will be automatically checked by several dozens of anti-virus programs, and the results will not be displayed on the screen. Do not send files containing confidential information to this site.

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