How to do gymnastics for weight loss

Combine gymnastics with a diet - low intensity of training will increase the effect of dietary restrictions and will not lead to depletion of the body. You can also do the exercises without changing the diet, but the results will not be so fast and productive.
Work out in the morning - you will not only charge your body with energy, but also adjust the work of the internal organs, including the intestines. Only 10-15 minutes in the morning will help you wake up, join in the rhythm of life, work out the main muscle groups. The main condition - the regularity of training, so if you do not work out in the morning, then do it in the evening.
Pay special attention to the development of abdominal muscles - this is a good stimulation of the intestinal activity, enhancing its motility, elimination of toxins and slags. Laxity of the intestines is the cause of increased fatigue, headaches, physical weakness - abdominal exercises will help tighten muscles, normalize the work of the digestive organs.
Begin training with a warm-up - walking on the spot is best suited for this. A few seconds of correct walking performance (high lifting of the knees, slow inhalation and exhalation) will allow you to stretch the organs and “warn” the heart about the upcoming load.
All movements of gymnastics for weight loss should be simple - bends, turns, lifting arms and legs. The main complex is carried out while standing - legs, straight and bent at the knees, lifting them to the sides and back, squats, attacks - try to perform movements correctly, concentrating in each fixing point for a few seconds. Lying rock press, buttocks, push-ups. The standard complex may consist of 10-12 exercises, each of which should be repeated 10 times.
Be sure to include jumps in the complex - these are very effective exercises that help you lose weight. You can just jump on both legs, alternate jumps, swing arms, etc.
Proper breathing, which affects the performance of each workout, should be measured, slow and deep.

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