How to do paraffin

You will need
  • - cosmetic paraffin;
  • - steam bath;
  • - dishes;
  • - scrub, soap;
  • - plastic bags (2 pieces);
  • - fur or terry gloves.
Put the paraffin in the water bath, putting a piece in a pot with high walls (better enameled). Wait until it is completely melted (while its temperature reaches the optimal 50-55 degrees).
Mindful of the king, who "boo in the pot - and cooked in it," do not put your hands in paraffin immediately. Perform a “temperature tolerance” test by dropping melted paraffin on the back of your hand.
If the experiment did not cause discomfort, immerse your hands in paraffin on your wrist for 10 seconds. Take out, hold for a few seconds (paraffin will harden slightly), immerse again. Repeat the procedure with a dive- “ascent” 6-8 times. The brush is covered with a thick layer of paraffin mass.

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