How to do the repair of walls in 2018

You will need
  • - plaster;
  • - putty;
  • - plasterboard and profiles for crates, screws;
  • - capacity for solution;
  • - spatula, usually grater.
First of all, clean the walls of old materials. To quickly remove the wallpaper, wet them abundantly with water and leave for some time, then with a spatula or scraper just remove peeling surfaces. Remove paint or plaster with a hatchet or grinder with a stripping wheel. Clean off all grease stains, wash away dust and dirt. At the same time be very careful with the wiring, as it is not known where it is laid. It is advisable to disconnect the room from the power supply altogether.
Smooth the wall. Find wall drops with a plumb or electronic rangefinder. Mark with the help of beacons (rails at equal distances) the evenness of the wall and stretch several cords between them.
Dilute the plaster or plaster mix in accordance with the recommendations on the package and begin to apply in turn to each section of the wall.In doing so, take into account the maximum layer thickness indicated on the package; if it is less necessary, after drying the first layer, apply another one.
After the entire wall has been leveled out, without waiting for it to dry completely, apply the grout. To do this, take a grater of polyurethane, moisten the wall with water and rub in a circular motion until a flat surface is formed.
After complete drying, apply a coat of primer to the walls and let it dry again. To fill the pores of the plaster, dilute the base putty and apply it on the walls. Consider that some basic putties cannot serve as bases for painting or wallpaper, therefore another layer will be needed - finishing putty. Sand the surface and dry it with a special grater.
Before painting again apply a layer of primer, it will allow the paint to firmly hold the grip with a layer of putty.
It is also possible to level the walls in a “dry” way using drywall. To do this, mark up the walls for the future frame. Draw a line on the floor (5–6 cm from the wall) with a tensioned cord or ruler. Then, measuring the perpendicularity of the plumb, move the line to the ceiling. Fix the profiles and make the crates.At this stage, you can also conduct insulation and sound insulation of the wall, to lay all communications.
Attach sheets of drywall with self-tapping screws and bolt heads on the surface.
Finish repairing walls with paint, decorative plaster, wallpapering or tiles.

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