How to draw a table?

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How to draw a table?

Tables are an integral part of many documents. If you still do not know how to draw a table in Microsoft Office programs, then use our quick guide.

Drawing a table in Microsoft Word

How to draw your own (exclusive) table in the Word, without using the built-in styles?

  1. Go to the tab of the main menu "Insert" and find the section "Table". Click on it and select in the expanded window the item �Draw a table�.
  2. Now our cursor on the screen looks like a pencil.
  3. Set the cursor in the right place, hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor down and to the right.
  4. We get a rectangle of the desired size - the basis of the table.
  5. To divide the table into columns and cells, simply draw a line with the cursor as you would on a regular paper sheet with an ordinary pencil.
  6. To draw each new line, be sure to re-click the left mouse button.
  7. To edit the resulting table, select it,hovering the cursor on the upper left corner of the table and clicking on the box that appears in this place with a cross inside. The tab �Work with tables� will appear in the main menu.
  8. Go to this tab, select the item "Designer".
  9. Now we can make the borders invisible (with the table format retained), change the pen color, line thickness, add fill to cells and bars, erase lines, delete or add columns and cells.
  10. Text information is added to the table by clicking the mouse in the desired cell.

Drawing a table in Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft Excel, it is even easier to create a table, since a clean sheet of this editor is a ready-made table that you just need to edit and format. How to draw a table in Excel?

  1. We select the necessary quantity of cells on a clean sheet.
  2. In the main menu, select the "Insert" - "Tables". In the opened window, check the box �Table with headers� and assign the names to the columns.
  3. In the "Designer" tab, select the controls for editing the table (similar to working with a table in the Word).

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