How to dress a full girl in the winter?

How to dress a full girl in the winter?

Winters can be completely different: snowy or rainy, fabulous or gray. But regardless of this, the winters in our region are equally low in temperature.

Winter wardrobe - a very individual thing. And if you think that the things in the wardrobe of girls differ only in size, then you are mistaken. There are equally many things in the wardrobe of girls with non-standard and standard parameters, but they are all different, since each of the owners has her own taste and preferences. In addition, the wardrobe is chosen based on the scope of activities, lifestyle, and, ultimately, the weather in certain regions. The only similarity of each woman's winter wardrobe, regardless of the parameters of his figure, is a warm and practical down jacket.

How to choose a warm large down jacket?

large size down jackets

And if we take into account the winter in Russia and the CIS countries, then, for the most part, this similarity is quite understandable. The desire to look stylish is certainly good, but to feel warm and comfortable is much more important. That is why first of all pay attention to the filler down jacket.

  • Goose Down

Natural filler, which, due to the interlayer of air between the fibers, perfectly warms even in the coldest weather, and also provides natural ventilation. The only thing that such a filler will cost more than synthetic. People who are prone to allergic reactions are not recommended to choose natural fillers.

  • holofiber

Synthetic filler of a new generation. Its fibers, like down, have interlayers of air, therefore such down-padded coats warm much better than sinteponovye. Practical and durable holofiber also has a nice price. In addition, unlike the padding polyester, the holofiber is thin, which saves the jacket from unnecessary, undesirable for a large size, volume.

Of course, here you can mention the popular padding polyester boots, but since they are very voluminous, they are not recommended for girls with irregularly large sizes.

Choosing a big-sized winter down jacket: tips

And, of course, when choosing a winter down jacket, any girl should be guided by several helpful tips, especially this is relevant for choosing large size clothes.

  • A horizontal line or pattern on the feathers will visually make you wider. Better look at down jackets with a diagonal or vertical line.
  • Down jacket should be free. This is necessary not only to make it look good, but also to warm it better.
  • Having a belt in a down jacket will help emphasize the waist.
  • Do not choose too long or short down jackets. It is not practical and not beautiful. Classic down jacket should reach mid-thigh or reach to the knees.
  • Decorative fur on the collar or hood certainly looks pretty good, but only if your shoulders are not too wide or your chest is full.
  • Asymmetric zipper or buttons will visually reduce size.
  • Large pockets, flashy prints, a large number of stones, rhinestones and other decorative accessories will only make your image heavier, so try to avoid it.

The color of the down jacket is a purely individual choice, therefore, despite all the practicality of dark shades, if you suddenly liked the color down jacket, you should not limit yourself to such a desire.

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